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Appendix A How To Identify The Adapter - Fujitsu PRIMERGY 4Gbit/s FC I/O Modules Owner's Manual

Primergy 4gbit/s fc i/o modules
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Appendix A
This chapter explains how to identify the adapter.
Each 4Gbit/s FC I/O Module has an IEEE Address. The IEEE Address is on a sticker on the front or
rear of this product. For PG-FCD201, there are two adapters and two IEEE Addresses. Due to this
there are two IEEE address labels. The IEEE Address value mentioned indicates the IEEE Address
**********. In the following diagram the IEEE Address is "0000C93CC778".
The procedures to check the IEEE Address on LightPulse Utility/NT are as follows:
Click the "Start" button
Select the 4Gbit/s FC I/O Module to check the IEEE Address from
the list on the left of the window, select "Adapter Revision Levels"
in the "Category" field.
The value of "IEEE Address" (Revision) in "Component" is the IEEE Address of the 4Gbit/s FC I/O
Module. In the above example, the IEEE Address is "00-00-C9-3C-C7-78".
In the diagram above, if the IEEE Address applied to this product is
the adapter name displayed on LightPulse Utility /NT is "Adapter 0 -BX 600-FC42E Port1".
How to Identify the
"Programs" or "All Programs"
"lpUtilNT" in this order.



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