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Fujitsu PRIMERGY 4Gbit/s FC I/O Modules Owner's Manual page 2

Primergy 4gbit/s fc i/o modules
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Table of Contents
Warning Descriptions
Various symbols are used throughout this manual. These are provided to emphasize important points
for your safety and that of others. The symbols and their meanings are as follows. Be sure to fully
understand these before reading this manual.
The following symbols are used to indicate the type of warning or cautions being described.
The following are symbols used throughout this manual.
Key Descriptions / Operations
Keys are described by their representative characters instead of their exact key face
appearance, as show below.
E.g.: [Ctrl] key, [Enter] key, [→] key, etc.
The following indicate pressing several keys at once:
E.g.: [Ctrl] + [F3] key, [Shift] + [↑] key, etc.
Entering Commands (Keys)
CD-ROM drive names are shown as [CD-ROM drive]. Enter your drive name according to your
Ignoring this symbol could be potentially lethal.
Ignoring this symbol may lead to injury and/or damage the device or hardware
A triangle mark emphasizes the urgency of the WARNING and CAUTION.
Details are described next to the triangle.
A barred circle (
described next to the circle.
A black circle indicates actions that must be taken. Details are described next to
the black circle.
These sections explain prohibited actions and points to note when using this
device. Make sure to read these sections.
These sections explain information needed to operate the hardware and
software properly. Make sure to read these sections.
This mark indicates reference pages or manuals.
[CD-ROM drive]:\setup.exe
) warns against certain actions (Do Not). Details are


Table of Contents

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