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Miele KM 405 Operating Instructions Manual

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Operating instructions
Gas hob
KM 405
To avoid the risk of accidents or
damage to the appliance it is
to read these operating instructions
before it is installed or used for the
first time.
M.-Nr. 05 725 350



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  Summary of Contents for Miele KM 405

  • Page 1 Operating instructions Gas hob KM 405 To avoid the risk of accidents or damage to the appliance it is to read these operating instructions before it is installed or used for the first time. M.-Nr. 05 725 350...
  • Page 2 ......... 3 .
  • Page 3 a Pan support g Control knob for the b Burner cap front burner c Burner head h Symbols to indicate which cooking zone the control is for d Ignition safety device i Control knob for the e Ignitor back burner f Burner base j Mains connection cable k Plug*...
  • Page 4 The electrical safety of this appli- This appliance complies with all rele- ance can only be guaranteed when vant legal safety requirements. Im- continuity is complete between the ap- proper use of the appliance can, pliance and an effective earthing sys- however, present a risk of both per- tem.
  • Page 5 Make sure all the components of the gas burners have been cor- For safety reasons the appliance rectly assembled before switching on. must only be operated after it has been built in. This is necessary to en- When using a cooker hood over sure that all electric components are the gas hob, ensure that any burn- shielded.
  • Page 6 Do not let small children use the appliance or touch it during opera- Do not drop anything on the ce- tion. The burner support, trivet, burners ramic surface of the hob. Even a and also the ceramic surfaces around light object such as a salt cellar could the burners heat up and remain hot for cause damage in certain circum- quite a while after the appliance has...
  • Page 7 Do not use the hob as a resting Ensure that the flames from the place for anything else. If the hob burner do not spread out beyond was switched on inadvertently, or if it the base and up the sides of the pan. was still hot the article could begin to Do not spray areosols in the vicinity melt or catch fire.
  • Page 8 Repairs to the gas and electrical components of this appliance must In the event of damage or a defect, only be carried out by a suitably quali- switch off the appliance immedi- fied person. Repairs by unauthorised ately. Turn off the gas supply tap, and personnel could be dangerous.
  • Page 9 Do not use plastic or aluminium foil containers. These melt at higher When using an electric socket near temperatures and could damage the the hob, care should be taken that ceramic surface. Fire hazard. the cable of the electrical appliance does not come into contact with the gas Before disposing of an old appli- flames or the hot parts of the hob.
  • Page 10 Old appliances contain materials which can be reclaimed or recycled. Please The transport and protective packing contact your dealer, your local waste has been selected from materials which collection centre or scrap merchant are environmentally friendly for disposal about potential recycling schemes. and can normally be recycled.
  • Page 11 A data plate for your appliance is sup- plied with this documentation. It should be stuck into the space provided at the end of the instruction book. The ad- dress of the nearest Service Depart- ment is given on the back page.
  • Page 12 Metal components have a protective coating which may give off a slight smell when the hob is heated up for the Before using for the first time clean the first time. The smell and any vapours hob and all removable parts as follows: will dissipate after a short time and do ^ The removable parts of the gas not indicate a faulty connection or ap-...
  • Page 13 ^ With the knob no longer pressed in you can continue turning it towards the small flame symbol. The control knobs are used to switch on Control the flame so that it does not the burner and regulate the strength of spread out beyond the sides of the the flame.
  • Page 14 Any heat-resistant pans can be used on a gas burner. – The simple rule: a large pan for the Pan bases do not need to be even for large flame, a small pan for the small cooking, (in contrast with those used on flame.
  • Page 15 This appliance is fitted with an electric If there is an interruption to the electric- ignition safety device which cuts off the ity supply the gas can be ignited with a supply of gas to a burner if the flame match: goes out, for example if food has boiled ^ Press in the relevant control knob and...
  • Page 16 Under no circumstances use a The ceramic surface should be cleaned steam cleaner to clean this appli- regularly, preferably after each use. ance. Pressurised steam could cause permanent damage to the Before cleaning, allow the hob to cool surface and to components for down.
  • Page 17 The surface of the burner cover will gradually become more matt with time. The burners can be dismantled for This is quite normal and will not affect cleaning once they have cooled down. the operation of the hob. ^ Wipe the fixed parts of the burner base with a damp cloth and dry after- ^ Take off all the removable parts of the wards.
  • Page 18 ^ Make sure that all the locating tabs and notches line up exactly. Place the burner head c on to the burner base f so that the ignitor and the ig- nition safety control extend through their respective holes in the burner head.
  • Page 19 Repairs to the gas and electrical components of this appliance must Check whether the burner cover is cor- only be carried out by a suitably rectly assembled. qualified and competent person to ensure safety. Unauthorised repairs could be dangerous. Check whether food deposits have lodged themselves between the ignitor However, some minor problems can be and the burner cover.
  • Page 20 The hob is supplied ready for connec- Connection to the gas supply, or tion to natural gas. conversion from use of one type of Depending on country, a set of jets for gas to another should only be un- conversion to liquid gas is included dertaken by an approved fitter, who with the hob.
  • Page 21 All electrical work should be carried out by a competent person, in strict accor- The wires in the mains lead are col- dance with national and local safety oured in accordance with the following regulations. code: For extra safety it is advisable to install Green/yellow = earth a residual current device (RCD), with a Blue...
  • Page 22 The address of the nearest Service Department is given on the back page. The voltage and rated load are given on the data plate. Please quote these data, together with the model description and serial number when contacting the Ser- vice Department.
  • Page 24 Alteration rights reserved / 4202 M.-Nr. 05 725 350 / V00 This paper consists of cellulose which has been bleached without the use of chlorine.