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Interval Of Lamp Replacement - Mitsubishi Electric DLP UD740U User Manual

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Table of Contents
Lamp replacement (continued)
3. Assemble the lamp replacement attachment by
folding two taping portions (g) and two cutout
portions (h) along the folding line as the figure.
4. Insert the two cutout portions (h) in the slit of the
projector, paste the two taping portions (g) with the
tape included in the lamp replacement attachment,
and then fix the lamp replacement attachment to
the projector.
5. Pull out the lamp unit (f) in the bag by the handle (e).
6. Remove the tape fixing the lamp replacement
attachment, and remove the lamp replacement
attachment with the lamp unit remaining in the bag.
• Pull the lamp unit out of the projector slowly.
If it is pulled out quickly, the lamp may break,
scattering glass fragments.
• Do not spill liquid on the removed lamp unit or
do not place it near any flammable object or
where children can reach to prevent injuries or
7. Insert the new lamp unit, and secure it with two
screws firmly.
8. Secure the lamp cover with screw (b) back again,
and mount the cover (a).
• Make sure that the lamp cover is secured firmly.
Otherwise, the POWER indicator flashes red and
green, disallowing the projector to be powered on.
Reset of the lamp operation time
Plug in the power cord, and reset the lamp operation
time by keep pressing the , , and POWER buttons
on the control panel simultaneously for 3 seconds.
• Unless these three buttons are pressed at the same
time, the lamp operation time isn't reset.
• Make sure that the STATUS indicator is lit twice and
the lamp operation time is reset successfully.
• The projector doesn't turn on if the lamp cover isn't
attached securely.
• Be sure to reset the lamp operation time whenever
you replace the lamp.
• Do not reset the lamp operation time unless you
replace the lamp.
• The lamp is fragile. If it is broken, be careful not to
cut yourself with glass fragments.
• Contact your dealer for a new lamp.

Interval of lamp replacement

The recommended interval of lamp replacement is
about 5000 hours
differs depending on the operating environment and
may be shorter than 5000 hours
Decrease in luminescence and/or color brightness
indicates that the lamp needs to be replaced. When
the lamp operation time exceeds 3750 hours
indicator will blink alternately between green and
red (while the lamp is lit; when the lamp is not lit, the
indicator will be lit red only) and the lamp replacement
message will appear on the screen for one minute
everytime the lamp is turned on. When the lamp has
been used for about 4750 hours
message (Lamp Replacement) will appear on the
screen for one minute every 25 hours
When the lamp operation time exceeds 5000
, the projector automatically shuts off and
can't be used until the lamp is replaced and the
lamp operation time is reset.
*1: Duration when Lamp Mode of the Installation menu is set
to Low. When it is set to Standard, this duration will be
*2: When Lamp Mode is set to Standard, this duration will be
shorted to 3000 hours.
• Do not open the lamp cover when the projector is
set at a ceiling or a high place. Lamp fragments
may fall from the inside if the lamp were broken.
Please contact your dealer when you need to
replace the lamp with a new one.
• This projector uses a lamp that
contains mercury. Disposal of the lamp
or the projector with the lamp may
be regulated due to environmental
considerations. For disposal or
recycling information, please contact
your local authorities or the Electronic
Industries Alliance: (For
the U.S. only.)
of consecutive use. Such interval
, the replacement
, the


Table of Contents

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