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Mitsubishi Electric DLP UD740U User Manual Page 59

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Table of Contents
Advanced features (continued)
For details of the connection, see "LAN Control Utility User Manual" in the CD-ROM.
When Standby Mode of the Efficient Mode menu in the Installation menu of the projector is set to Low, the LAN
network is disabled. To enable the LAN network, set Standby Mode to LAN. (See page 27.)
Configure the initial network settings first.
You can configure the initial settings using the projector menu (see pages 35 to 39) or ProjectorView Global+. For
details of ProjectorView Global+, see "LAN Control Utility User Manual" in the CD-ROM.
Using the User Manual
The User Manual for LAN Control Utility is prepared in the Portable Document Format (PDF) in the CD-ROM.
Opening the User Manual:
1. Load the CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
3. Double-click on "MANUAL_LAN.HTML" within the CD-ROM. A language selection list for the User Manual will be
4. Move the mouse pointer to the desired language and click.
PJLink™ supported commands
The table below shows commands to control the projector using the PJLink™ protocol.
Power control
Inquiry about the power state
Input switching
Inquiry about input switching
Mute control
Inquiry about the mute state
Inquiry about the error state
Inquiry about the lamp state
Inquiry about the available inputs
Inquiry about the projector name
INF1 ?
Inquiry about the manufacturer name
INF2 ?
Inquiry about the model name
INF0 ?
Inquiry about other information
Inquiry about the class information
• This projector is fully compliant to the specifications of JBMIA PJLink™ Class 1. It supports all the commands defined by
PJLink™ Class 1, and the compliance has been verified with the PJLink™ standard specifications Version 1.0.
Remark (Parameter)
0 = Standby
1 = Power on
0 = Standby
1 = Power on
2 = Cooling down
3 = Warming up
11 = Computer1
21 = Video
31 = HDMI
41 = PC Less Presentation
51 = LAN Display
30 = Video and audio mute disable
31 = Video and audio mute enable
1st byte: Fan error, 0 or 2
2nd byte: Lamp error, 0 to 2
3rd byte: Temperature error, 0 or 2
4th byte: Cover open error, 0 or 2
5th byte: Always 0
6th byte: Other error, 0 or 2
0 to 2 mean as follows:
0 = No error detected, 1 = Warning, 2 = Error
1st value (1 to 5 digits): Cumulative lamp operating time (This item shows
a lamp operating time (hour) calculated based on
that Lamp Mode is Low.)
2nd value: 0 = Lamp off, 1 = Lamp on
The following value is returned.
"11 12 21 22 31 41 42 51"
The projector name set on the Network Config menu or the Crestron
RoomView Setup window is returned.
"MITSUBISHI" is returned.
"UD740" is returned.
No other information is available. No parameter is returned.
"1" is returned.
12 = Computer2
22 = S-Video
42 = USB Display


Table of Contents

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