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Preparation - Mitsubishi Electric DLP UD740U User Manual

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Preparation for projection
1. Attach the provided power cord to the projector.
2. Plug the power cord in the wall outlet.
3. Remove the lens cap.
• Do not look into the lens directly when the projector
is on.
• The lens cap is for protecting the lens. If you leave
the lens cap on the lens with the projector turned
on, it may be deformed because of heat build-
up. Remove the lens cap when you turn on the
• One of power cords for the U.S., Europe,
U.K., Australia, and South Korea is provided
• This projector uses the power plug of three-pin
grounding type. Do not remove the grounding pin
from the power plug. If the power plug doesn't fit
your wall outlet, ask an electrician to change the
wall outlet.
• In case that the power cord for the U.S. is provided
with this projector, never connect this cord to any
outlet or power supply using other voltages or
frequencies than rated. If you want to use a power
supply using other voltage than rated, prepare an
appropriate power cord separately.
• Use 100-240 V AC 50/60 Hz to prevent fire or
electric shock.
• Do not place any objects on the power cord or
do not place the projector near heat sources to
prevent damage to the power cord. If the power
cord should be damaged, contact your dealer for
replacement because it may cause fire or electric
• Do not modify or alter the power cord. If the power
cord is modified or altered, it may cause fire or
electric shock.
• Plug in the power cord firmly. When unplugging,
hold and pull the power plug, not the power cord.
• Do not plug in or out the power cord with your
hand wet. It may cause electric shock.
• When you move the projector, turn off the power,
unplug the power cord from the wall outlet, and
then remove the connected cords. Otherwise, the
power cord may be damaged, resulting in fire or
electric shock.
• If dust or metallic substance is on or around the
pins of the power plug, unplug the power cord and
clean it using a dry cloth. If you continue to use the
projector without cleaning, it may result in fire or
electric shock. Clean the power plug periodically at
least once a year.
• Be sure to unplug the power cord from the wall
outlet if the projector will not be used for a long
period of time. Otherwise, it may cause fire.
• When Standby Mode of the Efficient Mode menu
in the Installation menu is set to Speaker Out or
Monitor Out, the fans rotate at very low speed
during standby after plugging the power cord (with
5 second high speed rotation at the beginning)
and after turning off the lamp. This is to cool down
the projector operating various functions during
standby and is not a malfunction. (When Standby
Mode is set to Low or LAN, the fans stop during
Adjusting the position of the
projected image
To adjust the position of the projected image on the
screen, use the LENS SHIFT dial.
1. Rotate the LENS SHIFT dial inside the top cover of
the projector to adjust the image position.
• Rotating the dial clockwise (or counterclockwise
for a ceiling-mount projector) moves the image
• Rotating the dial counterclockwise (or clockwise
for a ceiling-mount projector) moves the image
• Be careful not to be caught in the opening in the
lens while the lens is moving.
• While the lens shift is working, the screen may
• Projected images may become distorted, have
decreased resolution, or have shadows at their
corners if they are positioned close to the top or


Table of Contents

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