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Mitsubishi Electric DLP UD740U User Manual Page 20

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Table of Contents
Basic operation (continued)
• If the viewing distance is nearer than the
recommended distance, it will cause physical
discomfort and eye fatigue.
• Watch the contents in front of the screen, not at big
angle. If you are viewing the screen at big angle,
you may not be able to view 3D contents correctly.
• If you are not viewing 3D contents correctly,
check to see if the 3D glasses are powered on or
adequately charged. See the instruction manual of
the 3D glasses for more information.
• There are personal differences in viewing the 3D
images. For persons with myopia, hypermetropia,
astigmatism or left and right sights, please wear
glasses to correct them then wear the 3D glasses.
• The picture seems misplaced at the start of
projecting the 3D images, however, this is not a
• With the 3D option set to Auto , Side by Side , Top
and Bottom , or Frame Sequential , 3D images
displayed on the projector appear darker. It is normal
and does not mean the projector is malfunctioning.
• The following features cannot be used when
viewing 3D images on the projector:
• Overscan and Shutter in the Signal menu
• MAGNIFY mode
• It may occur that the image may not be enough 3D
image because setting such as fluorescent lighting
may occur loss of synchronism of glasses.
• 3D image may not appear on the screen depending
on the PC performance such as graphics board,
memory, or CPU.
• If DVD is run by 480p signals, 3D image may not be
displayed correctly depending on the DVD player.
• When 3D image is projected on the screen in
120Hz or using certain type of playback software of
PC, the image may not appear on the screen.
• 3D image may not be displayed properly depending
on the settings, functions, or manner of connection
of the DVD player or Blu-ray player.
Notes on danger to public health during watching
3D image
• Stop viewing the 3D image immediately if you feel
tired, discomfort, or any other abnormality. It may
cause you to feel unwell if continuing to watch the
3D image in such cases. Please take the necessary
rest, do not continue watch the 3D image for a long
time. Stop using the 3D glasses if you can clearly
see double images when viewing 3D content.
Prolonged use may cause eyesight fatigue.
• The following people need to refrain from use as
with 2D image.
• a photosensitive patient
• a patient with heart disease
• a person in poor physical condition
• a sleepy person
• a very tired person
• a drunk person
• children
• When watching 3D movies, take an appropriate
break after watching a movie. When watching 3D
content on interactive devices such as 3D games
or computers, take an appropriate break every
30-60 minutes. Prolonged use may cause eyesight
• When you feel uncomfortable, stop viewing
3D images and playing 3D games until you are
restored. If necessary, consult a doctor. Also,
stop driving a car until you are restored (for about
2 hours). The period to restore varies with the
• As a guide, 3D glasses should not be used by
children younger than 5 - 6 years old. As it is
difficult to judge younger children's reactions to
fatigue or discomfort, their physical condition may
deteriorate suddenly. When this product is being
used by a child, the parent or guardian should
check to ensure that the child's eyes are not
becoming tired.
• When viewing the pictures that roll over and
shake or many dynamic pictures, if you feel
uncomfortable, please look at another place.
• When viewing contents with movements such as
rotation, or horizontal or vertical oscillation, you
may feel as if you are actually moving. If such a
feeling results in discomfort, look away from the
• When using the 3D glasses, be careful not to strike
the screen or other people by mistake. As the
images are in 3D, you may mistake the distance
from the screen, causing to strike the screen which
may result in injury. When using the 3D glasses,
do not place breakable objects near the glasses.
You may move by mistaking the 3D objects you are
viewing as the real objects, causing damages to
surrounding objects that may lead to injury.
• When using the 3D glasses, make sure your eyes
are on an approximate horizontal level. If you
suffer from myopia (short sightedness), hyperopia
(far-sightedness), astigmatism, or have eyesight
differences between the left and right eyes, please
use corrective glasses or other such methods to
correct your eyesight before putting on the 3D
• When you view the 3D images, keep a distance
from the screen of about three times the effective
height of the screen.


Table of Contents

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