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Mower Deck Leveling Adjustments; Side To Side Leveling - Craftsman ZTS 7500 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn rear engine riders with electric start
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Table of Contents
Before checking
mower, shut off PTO and engine.
Allow all moving
parts to stop. Remove ignition
key, then disconnect the spark plug wire and
fasten it away from the spark plug.
Side to Side
If the cut is uneven, the mower may need leveling.
Unequal or improper tire pressure may also cause an
uneven cut. See CHECK TiRE PRESSURE.
1. With the mower installed, place the rider on a
smooth, level surface such as a concrete floor. Turn
the front wheels straight forward. Turn the engine off,
set the ground speed control levers to PARK, and
wait for all moving parts to stop.
2. Check for bent blades and replace if necessary.
3. Check the tire pressures. See CHECK TiRE PRES-
4. Set the cutting height to mid position. Arrange the
mower blades so that they are pointing from side-to-
side (Figure 38).
5. Measure the distance between the tips of the outside
blades and the ground (Figures 37 & 38). If there is
more than 1/8" (3mm) difference between the meas-
urements on each side, proceed to step 6. If the dif-
ference is 1/8" (3mm) or less, proceed to Front To
Back Leveling.
6. See Figure 39. Loosen the outside nut (A) and taptite
screw (C), then turn the eccentric nut (B) to raise or
lower the left side of the deck. When the mower deck
is level, hold the eccentric nut while tightening the
outside nut. Tighten the taptite screw (C).
Figure 37. Measure ElladeTips
to Ground
A. Mower Deck
El. Ellade Tip
C. Level Ground
Figure 38. Orient Ellades Side-to-Side
Figure 39. Side=to=Side Adjustment
A. Outside Nut
El. Eccentric
C. Taptite Screw

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Table of Contents

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