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Right Turn; Turning In Place; Advanced Driving; Executing An End-Of-Row Zero Turn - Craftsman ZTS 7500 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn rear engine riders with electric start
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Practice Turning Around a Corner
While traveling forward allow one handle to gradually
return back toward neutral. Practice several times before
NOTE." To prevent damaging your lawn by pivoting direct-
ly on the tire tread, it is best to keep both wheels going at
least slightly forward.
in Place
To "zero turn" means to turn in place. To turn in place,
gradually move one ground speed control lever forward
from neutral and one lever back from neutral simultane-
ously. Repeat several times.
Turning In Place
Figure 7. RightTurn
Figure 8. Turning in Place
an End=Of=Row
Your zero turn rider's unique ability to turn in
place allows you to turn around at the end of
a cutting row rather than having to stop and
make a Y-turn before starting a new row.
For example, to execute a right end-of row
zero turn:
1. Slow down at the end of the row.
2. Move the LEFT ground speed control
lever forward slightly while moving the
RIGHT ground speed control lever back to
center and then slightly back from center.
3. Begin mowing forward again.
This technique turns the rider RIGHT and
slightly overlaps the row just cut --eliminating
the need to back up and re-cut missed grass.
As you become more familiar and experi-
enced with operating the zero turn rider, you
will learn more maneuvers that will make your
mowing time easier and more enjoyable.
Remember, the more you practice, the bet=
ter your control of the rider will be!
Figure 9. Executing
an End-Of-RowTurn

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Table of Contents

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