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Pre-Operation - Craftsman ZTS 7500 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn rear engine riders with electric start
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Table of Contents
Read The Operator's
• Read the operator's manual.
You should always read and follow
the instructions in the operator's
manual. Proper care, performance tips, and safety
information is located in this important document.
Always Check the Oil
• Check the engine oil level.
The engine in your tractor has been
shipped, from the factory, already
filled with oil for use during the engine break-in period.
Always check the oil level before starting the engine.
Push Unit Off Crate
To push the unit off the crate:
Set BOTH transmission
release levers to PUSH posi-
tion by pulling the levers back
(levers are located at the rear
of the rider).
Cut the steel banding securing rider to pallet (6
Move the ground speed control levers in to
DRIVE positions.
Set the mower cutting height to its highest set-
Fold the cardboard used to crate the unit in half,
and place it under the front wheels of the unit.
Push the unit forward off the crate.
Fill=Up with FRESH
Fill the tank with fresh fuel.
The single most common service
issue is stale or contaminated fuel!
Fuel should not be more than 30 days old. Use fuel
stabilizer to extend the life of your fuel, and always
store fuel in an approved, sealed, plastic gas can.
Stale fuel clean-out is not covered under your war-
one hour at 6-10
Charge The Battery
• Lift the seat deck to access the
battery. If the unit is put into service
after the month and year indicated
on the battery date tag (located on
top of battery) charge the battery for
amps. Refer to the SERVICE &
section of the operator's manual for
battery charging information.
Check Tire Pressure
Reduce the tire pressures to the
pressures shown below. Tires are
over-inflated for shipping purposes,
and must be set to the correct pres-
sures for optimum traction.
Rear Tire Pressure: 10-12 PSI
Set the transmission release valve levers back
to DRIVE positions (levers pushed in).
Start The Engine
To start the engine:
While sitting in the operator's
seat, place the ground speed
control levers in PARK (levers
out). Make sure the yellow
PTO switch is OFF.
• Move the engine throttle control fully forward to
Set the choke control to CLOSED
NOTE." A warm engine may not require choking.
this case, set the choke control to OPEN.
Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it
After the engine starts, gradually move the
choke control to OPEN position. Warm the
engine by running it for at least a minute before
turning on the PTO switch, or driving the unit.
After warming the engine, ALWAYS operate
the unit with the throttle
set to FAST position
when mowing.
• See the OPERATION section for driving infor-
Front Tire Pressure: 18-20 PSi

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Table of Contents

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