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Craftsman 107.28993 Operator's Manual

Zero-turn rear engine riders with electric start.
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Operator's Manual
ZTS 6000
Zero-Turn Rear Engine Riders with Electric Start
Model No.
107.289930 (26HP Kohler Engine with 52" Mower)
CAUTION: Before using this product, read
the manual and follow all its Safety Rules
and Operating Instructions.
Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A.
Visit our Craftsman website:
For answers to your questions about this
product, call:
Sears Craftsman Help Line
5 am - 5 pm, Mon - Sat
Nota: Una traducción en español de este Manual
del Operador puede encontrarse en la página 37.
Revision B


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   Summary of Contents for Craftsman 107.28993

  • Page 1

    CAUTION: Before using this product, read the manual and follow all its Safety Rules and Operating Instructions. Sears, Roebuck and Co., Hoffman Estates, IL 60179 U.S.A. Visit our Craftsman website: For answers to your questions about this product, call: 1-800-659-5917...

  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Service & Adjustments ...29 NOTE: In this manual, “left” and “right” are referred to as seen from the operating position. CRAFTSMAN FULL WARRANTY When operated and maintained according to all supplied instructions, if any non-expendable part of this riding equip- ment fails due to a defect in material or workmanship within two years from the date or purchase, call 1-800-659-5917 to arrange for free in-home repair.

  • Page 4: Safety Rules And Information

    SAFETY RULES AND INFORMATION Read these safety rules and follow them closely. Failure to obey these rules could result in loss of control of unit, severe personal injury or death to you, or bystanders, or damage to property or equipment. This mowing deck is capable of amputating hands and feet and throwing objects.

  • Page 5

    SLOPE OPERATION Slopes are a major factor related to loss-of-control and tip- over accidents, which can result in severe injury or death. Operation on all slopes requires extra caution. If you cannot back up the slope or if you feel uneasy on it, do not operate on it.

  • Page 7

    SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE Safe Handling of Gasoline • Extinguish all cigarettes, cigars, pipes, and other sources of ignition. • Use only approved gasoline containers. • Never remove the gas cap or add fuel with the engine running. Allow the engine to cool before refueling. •...

  • Page 8

    SAFETY & OPERATION DECALS This unit has been designed and manufactured to pro- vide you with the safety and reliability you would expect from an industry leader in outdoor power equipment manufacturing. Although reading this manual and the safety instructions it contains will provide you with the necessary basic knowledge to operate this equipment safely and effec- tively, we have placed several safety labels on the unit to...

  • Page 9: Identification Numbers

    Tilt the seat forward to access the ID tag. For answers to your questions about this product, call: 1-800-659-5917 Sears Craftsman Help Line, 5 am - 5 pm, Monday-Saturday. OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES See your local Sears retailer to purchase the following accessories: •...

  • Page 10: Assembly

    INSTALLING THE SEAT 1. Raise the seat base (see Figure 1). 2. Align the holes in the seat bottom with the holes in the seat base. ASSEMBLY 3. Secure the seat to the seat base with two 5/16-18 x 3/4 serrated head bolts for the rear seat slots, and two 5/16-18 x 3/4 shoulder bolts for the front slots.

  • Page 11

    INSTALLING THE SEAT SAFETY SWITCH 1. Squeeze the side clips of the safety switch (A, Figure 2), and insert the switch into the slot (B) in the seat bottom. Be sure to slide the switch fully forward. 2. Connect the harness terminal housing (C) to the seat switch.

  • Page 12: Setting Up The Ground Speed Control Levers

    SETTING UP THE GROUND SPEED CONTROL LEVERS 1. Loosen (do not remove) the hardware securing the ground speed control levers to the lever bases (see Figure 3). 2. Raise the levers, aligning the upper hole in each lever with the upper slotted hole in the lever base. 20-23 Nm 15-17 ft-lbs 3.

  • Page 13: Pre-operation

    Remove the Packaging Materials Remove the cardboard from the crate. Remove any steel branding securing the unit to the crate. Locate the manual packet. Read the Operator’s Manual Locate the operator’s manual in the manual packet. You should always read and follow the instructions in the operator’s manual.

  • Page 14: Operation

    Ground Speed Levers - Ground Speed Levers - DRIVE Positons START/PARK Positons Parking Brake Lever - Parking Brake Lever - ENGAGE Positon DISENGAGE Positon CONTROL FUNCTIONS The information below briefly describes the function of individual controls. Starting, stop- ping, driving, and mowing require the combined use of several controls applied in specific sequences.

  • Page 15: General Operating Safety

    Choke CLOSE the choke for cold starting (pull knob up). OPEN the choke once the engine starts (push knob down). If the engine is warm, it may not require choking. If this is the case, set the choke to OPEN (push the knob down) while cranking the engine.

  • Page 16: Checks Before Starting

    CHECKS BEFORE STARTING • Check that the crankcase oil is filled to full mark on dipstick. • Fill the fuel tank with fresh fuel. FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS For daily operation: Use only unleaded gasoline with a pump sticker octane rating of 87 or higher. Gasohol (up to 10% ethyl alcohol, 90% unleaded gasoline by volume) is approved as a fuel.

  • Page 17: Emergency Stopping

    EMERGENCY STOPPING In the event of an emergency the engine can be stopped by simply turning the ignition switch to STOP. Use this method only in emergency situations. For normal engine shut down follow the procedure given in STOPPING THE RIDER AND ENGINE.

  • Page 18: Driving Practice

    DRIVING PRACTICE - BASIC DRIVING WARNING: Never operate on slopes greater than 17.6% (10°). See SLOPE OPERATION in the safety section. Zero turn riders operate differently from other four- wheeled vehicles. The drive wheels are also your steer- ing wheels. If you cannot drive the unit on a hill, you will not be able to steer the unit on it.

  • Page 19: Advanced Driving

    Practice Turning Around a Corner While traveling forward allow one handle to gradually return back toward neutral (see Figure 10). Practice sev- eral times before mowing. NOTE: To prevent damaging your lawn by pivoting direct- ly on the tire tread, it is best to keep both wheels going at least slightly forward.

  • Page 20

    MOWER DECK REMOVAL & INSTALLATION NOTE: Perform mower removal and installation on a hard, level surface such as a concrete floor. WARNING After lowering the mower cutting height, engage parking brake, turn off the mower blades, turn the ignition switch to STOP, and remove key before attempting to install or remove the mower.

  • Page 21: Maintenance

    MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE The following schedules should be followed for normal care of your rider and mower. RIDER MAINTENANCE, All Models Clean Debris from Rider and Engine Compartment * Clean Debris from Engine Cooling Areas & Air Filter * Check Tire Pressure Lubricate Rider &...

  • Page 22: Check Tire Pressure

    Rider Maintenance Items WARNING Move the ground speed levers to START/PARK positions, engage the parking brake, turn the mower blades OFF, turn the ignition switch OFF, and wait for all moving parts to stop before accessing the engine compartment or performing any maintenance procedures.

  • Page 23

    LUBRICATION Service Interval: 25 hours. Lubricate the unit at the locations shown in Figures 18 through 21 as well as the following lubrication points. Grease: • front wheel grease fittings • front wheel bushings • mower arbors Use grease fittings when present. Not all greases are compatible.

  • Page 24

    CLEAN DECK & CHECK / REPLACE MOWER BLADES Service Interval: 25 hours or as required. WARNING For your personal safety, do not handle the sharp mower blades with bare hands. Careless or improper handling of blades may result in serious injury.

  • Page 25: Cleaning The Battery And Cables

    CLEANING THE BATTERY AND CABLES WARNING Corrosion hazard. Batteries contain acid. Always keep the battery upright and do not spill the electrolyte. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Explosion hazard. Changing the battery produces explosive hydrogen gas. Only charge the battery in a well ventilated area, away from any ignition source such as a water heater, electric motor, or a lit cigarette.

  • Page 26

    CHECK / ADJUST PTO CLUTCH WARNING To avoid serious injury, perform adjustments only with engine stopped, key removed and tractor on level ground. Service Interval: 200 hours. The Power Take Off (PTO) clutch drives the mower blades. The PTO clutch is engaged and disengaged by the mower blade switch.

  • Page 27: Check Engine Oil Level

    Engine Maintenance Items CHECK ENGINE OIL LEVEL Service Interval: Before each use, and every 8 hours. 1. Turn the engine off, and set the ground speed con- trols to PARK. Park on a level surface. Allow the engine to cool. 2.

  • Page 28

    REPLACE AIR FILTER Service Interval: Every 25 hours or two months, or as required. 1. Loosen the air filter cover knobs (A, Figure 30) and remove the cover (B). Clean out any debris from around the air filter. Inspect the condition of the seal- ing surfaces of the air filter element (C) and filter base (D).

  • Page 29: Service & Adjustments

    SERVICE & ADJUSTMENTS GROUND SPEED CONTROL LEVER ADJUSTMENT The control levers have three adjustments: To Adjust Control Lever Height: Pull the levers in across the operator’s lap to their DRIVE positions. Loosen the mount bolts (D, Figure 32) and raise or lower the levers to the desired position.

  • Page 30: Brake Adjustment

    BRAKE ADJUSTMENT 1. Stop the unit, set the ground speed levers to START/PARK positions, set the parking brake lever to the ENGAGE position, turn the ignition OFF, and wait for all moving parts to stop. Remove the key. 2. Set both transmission release levers to the PUSH position.

  • Page 31: Mower Deck Leveling Adjustments

    MOWER DECK LEVELING ADJUSTMENTS WARNING Before adjusting the mower, turn the mower blades OFF, turn the ignition switch OFF, remove the key, and allow all moving parts to stop. Disconnect the spark plug wire and fasten it away from the spark plug. Side to Side Leveling If the cut is uneven, the mower may need leveling.

  • Page 32: Mower Belt Replacement

    Figure 38. Orient Blades Front-to-Back Front To Back Leveling If the cut is uneven, the mower may need leveling. Unequal or improper tire pressure may also cause an uneven cut. See CHECK TIRE PRESSURE. 1. Turn the blades front-to-back as shown in Figure 38. Measure the distance from the ground to front tip of center blade, and from ground to rear tips of left hand and right hand blades (see Figure 38).

  • Page 33: Mower Deck Washout Port

    MOWER DECK WASHOUT PORT NOTE: The washout port allows you to connect a typical garden hose to the trim side (L.H.) of the mower deck to remove grass and debris from the underside. This ensures proper and safe operation of the mower. 1.

  • Page 34: Storage

    STORAGE Before Storage Before you store your unit for the off-season, read the Maintenance and Storage instructions in the Safety Rules section, then perform the following steps: • Turn the mower blades OFF, set the ground speed control levers to START / PARK, set the parking brake lever to ENGAGE, and remove the key from the igni- tion switch.

  • Page 35: Troubleshooting

    While normal care and regular maintenance will extend the life of your equipment, prolonged or constant use may eventually require that service be performed to allow it to continue operating properly. The troubleshooting guide below lists the most common problems, their caus- es and remedies.

  • Page 36

    Engine runs, but Transmission release levers in PUSH rider will not positions. drive. Drive belt slips. Belt is broken. Parking brake is not fully released. Rider drive belt Pulleys or belt greasy or oily. slips. Belt stretched or worn. Parking brake Parking brake is incorrectly adjusted.

  • Page 37: Spanish Operator's Manual

    Manual del Dueño. Para obtener respuestas a cualquier pregunta sobre este producto, llame al numéro de telé- fono-(sin cobro) siguiente: 1-800-659-5917 Servicio de ayuda Sears Craftsman 5 am - 5 pm, Lunes a Sabado...

  • Page 44

    Calcomanía Ajuste de rastreo No. de pieza : 1726638SM Calcomania - Peligro de amputación y objetos arrojados No. de pieza : 1704277SM DANGER Amputation and Thrown Objects Hazard To avoid injury from rotating blades and thrown debris, stay clear of deck edge and discharge.

  • Page 45

    Para obtener respuestas a sus preguntas sobre el pro- ducto, llame al: 1-800-659-5917 Servicio Telefónico de Asistencia de Sears Craftsman, 5 am - 5 pm, Lunes - Sábado. ACCESORIOS OPCIONALES • Recolector de Hierba con Bolsa Gemela •...

  • Page 46

    19-25 Nm 14-19 ft-lbs 5/16-18 x 3/4 5/16-18 x 3/4...

  • Page 48

    5/16-18 5/16-18 x 1-3/4 20-23 Nm 15-17 ft-lbs...

  • Page 49

    Retirar los Materiales de Empaque Quite el cartón del cajón de embalaje. Quite el encintado de acero que sujeta la unidad al cajón de embalaje. Ubique el paquete del manual. Leer el Manual del Operador Ubique el manual del operador en el paquete del manual.

  • Page 50

    Palancas de Velocidad - Palancas de Velocidad - Posición de DRIVE Posición de PARK Palanca del freno de Palanca del freno de estacionamiento - estacionamiento - Posición ENGRANAR Posición DESENGRANAR Palanca de Control de Velocidad de Avance Izquierda Palanca del frenco de estacionamiento Tapón del...

  • Page 54


  • Page 55


  • Page 57: Programa De Mantenimiento

    PROGRAMA DE MANTENIMIENTO El siguiente programa debe seguirse para el cuidado normal de su tractor y podadora. MANTENIMIENTO DEL MONTABLE, de todos los modelos Limpie el residuo del montable y del compartimiento del motor * Limpie el residuo de las áreas de refrigeración del motor y del filtro de aire * Verifique la presión de las llantas Lubrique el montable y la segadora *...

  • Page 60


  • Page 63

    Use oil classified API Service Class SG, SH, SJ or better with SAE Viscosity: 10W-30, 30 Conventional Or Synthetic 5W-20, 5W-30 Conventional 5W-20, 5W-30 Synthetic* ˚F ˚C *Recommended: Synthetic oils provide better starting below -10˚F.

  • Page 64

    .030” (.76 mm)

  • Page 66

    3" (7.62cm) ″...

  • Page 70

    NOTA: Las especificaciones son correctas al momento de la impresión y están sujetas a cambio sin previo aviso. MOTOR: Kohler Marca Courage SV735S Modelo Potencia en 26 a 3060 rpm* caballos de fuerza* 724 cc (44,2 pulgadas cúbicas) Desplazamiento 12 voltios, 16 amp. Alternador, Sistema eléctrico batería: 230 CCA 1,6-1,8 L (1,7-1,9 qt)

  • Page 71

    Diagnóstico del Tractor PROBLEMA CAUSA Las palancas de velocidad de avance no están El motor no en START/PARK (arrancar). rota ni arranca. La cuchilla de la sesgadora está activada. Las palancas de velocidad no están en START/P ARK. El ahogador no está en posición de CLOSED. El interruptor de encendido no está...

  • Page 72

    Las palancas de desembrague de la El motor opera transmisión en posición de EMPUJAR. pero el tractor no avanza. La banda de tracción se barre. La banda está rota. Freno de mano no está desaccionado. Contacte Partes y Reparaciones de Sears. Poleas o la banda con grasa o aceite.

  • Page 73: Repair Parts

    Repair Parts PTS - 1...

  • Page 74

    Frame, Body & Seat Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 2...

  • Page 75

    SCREW, Hex Flange Whiz Lock, 5/16-18 x 3/4 Dog PT SCREEN, Seat Deck RIVET, Pop FRAME ASSEMBLY SUPPORT, Seat SEAT DECK, Plastic Sears Craftsman Red ZTS PLATE, Control SCREW, Truss Head Torx, 1/4-20 x 3/4 SCREW, Hex Whiz Lock Flange, 5/16-18 x 3/4 PAD, Footrest R.H.

  • Page 76

    Frame, Body & Seat Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 4...

  • Page 77

    Frame, Body & Seat Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1726400SM 1921221SM 1919381SM 7090189SM 7024340SM 7102860YP 1734320SM 1921977SM 1933988SM 1727810ASM 1726390SM 1715962ASM 1925003SM 1733393ASM 1687021SM 1960686SM 1920415SM 1931942SM 1960534SM 7070814SM 1921880SM 1734392ASM 1924940SM 1930645SM Footnotes DESCRIPTION BUSHING, Fuel CAPSCREW, 5/16, 18 x 1-1/2 WASHER, 5/16, .34 ID x 1 OD x .13 THK LOCKWASHER, External Tooth, 3/8 SPACER...

  • Page 78

    Engine Group - 26HP Kohler ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 6...

  • Page 79

    Engine Group - 26HP Kohler REF NO PART NO. QTY. 7027266SM 1918199SM 1708264SM 2832747SM 1686880SM 2828635SM 1924940SM 7101717SM 2154096SM 7101716SM 1931277SM 1924856SM 1921332SM 7300970ASM 1726498SM SV735-0018 7075449SM 1960295SM 7300971ASM 1960368SM 1727939ASM 7102318SM 1936228SM 1917356SM 1731214SM 7102344SM 7090390SM 7091630SM 7090999SM 7091195SM 7100529SM 1735196SM 7029900SM...

  • Page 80: Transmission Group

    Transmission Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 8...

  • Page 81

    Transmission Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1960223SM 1919381SM 1703900SM 1960684SM 1727555SM 1727556SM 1727831SM 1930650SM 1927120SM 1923141SM 1919326SM 1717024SM 1733913SM 1960268SM 1960758SM 1733305ASM 1921719SM 1725550SM 1733914SM 1931277SM 5020601SM 1733309ASM 1733351SM 1733352SM 1733302ASM 1960687SM 5025396SM 1728976SM 1924874SM 1927557SM 7091501SM 1732224SM 1930645SM 1924356SM 1921210SM 1734316SM...

  • Page 82

    Transmission Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 10...

  • Page 83

    Transmission Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1933988SM 1728073SM 1728074SM 1728075SM 1728060SM 1687329SM 1728076SM 1716622SM 1735490SM 1735491SM 1735483SM 1735482SM Footnotes DESCRIPTION NUT, Push Pal, 5/16 PULLEY, 4-1/2" Transmission FAN, 6" Transmission PARKING BRAKE ARM ASSEMBLY, Transmission HYDRO SEAL KIT HUB REPLACEMENT KIT (Includes Ref. Nos. 52 & 53) HUB, EZT Transmission (Included in Ref.

  • Page 84: Controls Group

    Controls Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 12...

  • Page 85

    Controls Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1726410SM 1727796ASM 1960686SM 1720452SM 1919381SM 1960086SM 1917356SM 1727926ASM 1727927ASM 1931338SM 1931335SM 1727663ASM 1727919SM 1728010ASM 1728009ASM 7300992AYP 7091298YP 7015761YP 1960027SM 7091591SM 7300993AYP 7090188SM 1920161SM 1722460SM 7072403YP 7102567YP 7102551YP 1727814ASM 1709314SM 1729277SM 1960694SM 1925003SM 1727933ASM 1726839SM 1960717SM 1931277SM...

  • Page 86

    Controls Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 14...

  • Page 87

    Controls Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1727918SM 1703805SM 1725927SM 7022886YP Footnotes DESCRIPTION SHOCK ABSORBER RING, Klipring Extension (for .500 Dia. Shaft) SHAFT, Cross SWITCH, Push Button (Parking Brake Switch) PTS - 15 ZTS 6000 -107.289930...

  • Page 88: Electrical Group

    Electrical Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 16...

  • Page 89

    Electrical Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 7022886YP 1686734SM 1960547SM 1717549SM 1717550SM 1717163SM 1722611SM 1722887SM 1701011SM 7023354YP 1667805SM 1665872SM 1685215SM 2823341SM 2821319SM 2816964SM 2816622SM 1677296SM 1716549SM 7045310SM 1727668SM 1724588SM 1665238SM 1665237SM 7075622SM 1925003SM 1734141SM 2860750SM 7103103YP 2172434SM 7091294SM 7090539YP 1734375SM 7022886YP Footnotes DESCRIPTION...

  • Page 90: Lift Group

    Lift Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 18...

  • Page 91

    Lift Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1733535ASM 009X67MA 1931277SM 094067MA 1960170SM 1960074SM 1704420SM 1960687SM 1666294SM 1731894SM 1734217SM 1733356ASM 1673796SM 1734336ASM 1931337SM 1733536ASM 1960757SM 1921319SM 1733513SM 1722460SM 1733572SM 1733454SM 1930644SM 1931335SM 1668344SM 1733533ASM 1916950SM 1924940SM 1930645SM Footnotes DESCRIPTION ARM, Mower Lift L.H. BOLT, Shoulder NUT, Hex Whiz Lock Flange, 5/16-18 PIN, Threaded Shoulder...

  • Page 92

    Wheel & Tire Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 20...

  • Page 93

    Wheel & Tire Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1726383SM 7091772SM 7035359SM 1734013SM 7090839SM 7104428YP 2172353SM 2177725SM 1739281YP Footnotes DESCRIPTION WHEEL & TIRE ASSEMBLY, 18 x 8-1/2-8 CAPSCREW, Hex Head TUBE, Caster Wheel Spacer WHEEL & TIRE ASSEMBLY, 11 x 4-5 NUT, Hex Center Lock FITTING, Lube VALVE STEM &...

  • Page 94: Decals Group

    Decals Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 22...

  • Page 95

    DECAL, Powered by 26HP DECAL, Height of Cut DECAL, Service Parts Kohler, 26HP DECAL, Handle Control, L.H. 26HP DECAL, Seat Deck L.H. Craftsman ZTS DECAL, Seat Deck R.H. Craftsman ZTS DECAL, Handle Control R.H. DECAL, Instrument Panel DECAL, Height of Cut...

  • Page 96

    52" Mower Deck - Clutch & Support Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 24...

  • Page 97

    52" Mower Deck - Clutch & Support Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1922130SM 1924940SM 1736540YP 1736438BMYP 1931211SM 1927557SM 1931335SM 1737229BMYP 1737439BMYP 1736539YP 1960170SM 1736896YP 1960687SM 1736075BMYP 1736074BMYP 1931277SM 1931334SM 1737417YP 1736071BMYP 1736081YP 1930644SM 1960170SM 1913744SM 1960074SM 1960379SM 1960686SM 1930591SM 1736070BMYP 1960373SM 1737219BMYP...

  • Page 98

    52" Mower Deck - Housing & Arbor Group ZTS 6000 -107.289930 NOTE: Unless noted otherwise, use the standard hardware torque specification chart. PTS - 26...

  • Page 99

    52" Mower Deck - Housing & Arbor Group REF NO PART NO. QTY. 1923027SM 1656916SM 1735733YP 1736445YP 1735326YP 1735573YP 1735323YP 1735399YP 1735328YP 1735716YP 1736518BMYP 1664847SM 1735447YP 1735735BNYP 1735752YP 1736364YP 1736366YP 1736505YP 1736898YP 1737252AYP 1737279BMYP 1737418BMYP 1920676SM 1930600SM 1931277SM 1931334SM 1960373SM 1960766YP 7012542YP 1737359BMYP...

  • Page 100

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 ZTS 6000 - Model No. 107.289930 Oil Pan / Lubrication - Group 3 Crankcase - Group 2 Crankshaft - Group 1 28/39 17/29/30/31/32/33/34 14/25/40/41 PTS - 28...

  • Page 101

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 REF. PART DESCRIPTION SPECIAL PARTS 32 522 03 SV710-740 SHORTBLOCK 32 755 01-S GASKET SET CRANKSHAFT - Group 1 52 139 09-S PLUG, CUP 32 014 04-S CRANKSHAFT (INCLUDES 2) CRANKCASE - Group 2 25 153 02-S DIPSTICK, ASSY (CUB YELLOW) (INCLUDES 2) M-545013-S...

  • Page 102

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 Head/Valve/Breather - Group 4 5 6 7 8 PTS - 30 ZTS 6000 - Model No. 107.289930...

  • Page 103

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 REF. PART DESCRIPTION HEAD/VALVE/BREATHER - Group 4 32 096 06-S KIT, BREATHER VALVE COVER (INCLUDES 2 [QTY 1]) 24 153 30-S O-RING, VALVE COVER M-651030-S SCREW, FLG M6X1.0X30 12 755 03-S KIT, RETAINER 12 173 01-S CAP, VALVE SPRING 24 089 02-S SPRING, VALVE...

  • Page 104

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 Ignition / Electrical - Group 5 Fuel System - Group 8 Starting System - Group 7 PTS - 32 ZTS 6000 - Model No. 107.289930 Blower Housing & Baffles - Group 6...

  • Page 105

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 REF. PART DESCRIPTION IGNITION/ELECTRICAL - Group 5 32 162 03-S SCREEN, GRASS 12 086 14-S SCREW, FLG M10X1.5X45 12 468 03-S WASHER, FLAT 13/32" 20 146 05-S PLATE, FAN MOUNTING 32 157 01-S X-42-15-S KEY, 3/16" X 5/8" 25 155 41-S CONNECTOR 237878-S...

  • Page 106

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 Decals - Group 12 Artwork is representative. Actual labels may differ depending on model and specification number. Engine Controls - Group 9 PTS - 34 ZTS 6000 - Model No. 107.289930 Air Intake/Filtration - Group 10 Exhaust - Group 11...

  • Page 107

    Kohler Engine Parts - SV735-0018 REF. PART DESCRIPTION ENGINE CONTROLS - Group 9 24 211 03-S BOLT, RD HD SQ NECK M6X1.0X25 M-641060-S NUT, FLG M6X1.0 24 089 01-S SPRING, LINKAGE 25 158 08-S BUSHING, LINKAGE RETAINING 24 079 04-S LINKAGE, THROTTLE 25 158 11-S BUSHING, THROTTLE LINKAGE...

  • Page 108

    Hardware Identification & Torque Specifications Common Hardware Types Hex Head Capscrew Carriage Bolt Standard Hardware Sizing When a washer or nut is identified as 1/2”, this is the Nominal size , meaning the inside diameter is 1/2 inch; if a second number is present it represent the threads per inch When bolt or capscrew is identified as 1/2 - 16 x 2”, this means the Nominal size , or body diameter is 1/2 inch;...

  • Page 109

    PTS - 37...

  • Page 110

    PTS - 38...

  • Page 111: Repair Protection Agreement

    U.S.A. call 1-800-4-MY-HOME® Acuerdo de Protección de Reparaciones Felicidades por su compra inteligente. Su nuevo producto de Craftsman® fue diseñado y fabricado para años de operación confiable. Pero como todos los productos, es posible que cada cierto tiempo requiera de reparaciones.

  • Page 112

    Get it fixed, at your home or ours! For troubleshooting, product manuals and expert advice: For repair – in your home – of all major brand appliances, lawn and garden equipment, or heating and cooling systems, no matter who made it, no matter who sold it! For the replacement parts, accessories and owner’s manuals that you need to do-it-yourself.

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