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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: The X5dr Doesn't Transmit Midi Exclusive Messages

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
Make sure that the settings in Global mode have been made correctly for GM songs. (See
page 18.)
If you are trying to play back a GM score that uses Bank Select messages, the wrong sound may
be produced (that is, a Bank A Program may be selected). In this case, restore the initial GM
settings, and set the computer or sequencer so that it will not send Bank Select messages, or set
the MIDI filter parameter on the X5DR so that it will not receive Bank Select messages. (See
page 18, 152.)

The X5DR doesn't transmit MIDI Exclusive messages.

If the X5DR doesn't transmit a MIDI Exclusive message for Program data transfer, storage, or
editing, check the setting of 2B EXT OUT SEL in Global mode. (See page 14, 152.) Set this
parameter to MIDI when the data is output from the MIDI OUT connector, and to PCIF when the
data is output from the TO HOST connector.
If you are sending Exclusive data to transfer Program data using 4A MIDI DUMP in Global mode,
the data will be sent to the destination specified on the page 4A (MIDI or PCIF), regardless of the
2B EXT OUT SEL setting.


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