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Korg X5DR AI2 Owner's Manual: Some Hints For Editing Programs

Synthesis system for all digital processing.
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Basic Guide
to layer the Programs in Combinations. If the piano and strings sounds are different Programs, this
gives you the flexibility to combine the piano and brass sounds, or the strings and brass sounds,
allowing you to make the best use of the Programs. On the other hand, layering two Multisounds
in Double mode is most suitable for combining two different sounds to build one Program. For
example, if you wish to layer the attack and sustain parts of the strings sound, handling these two
sounds in a Double mode Program is more convenient for sophisticated sound creation.

Some Hints for Editing Programs

There are many parameters in Program Edit mode, so you can create your original sound with
ease. It may be difficult to understand all the parameters' functions, but editing various sounds
repeatedly will help you learn the function and effect of each parameter.
You may often modify the preset Programs or existing Programs you have created before. In any
case, the key approach for a creative sound-making process is to be able to decide which
parameters you need to edit in order to obtain a desired sound.
As explained in "Sound Structure" on page 36, the X5DR Programs consist of three simple main
elements. You should be able to obtain your desired sound easily based on the principle that OSC
is for pitch, VDF is for tone, and VDA is for volume. You should also associate cyclical changes
with MG, and changes over time with EG.
Depending on the value of one parameter, the other parameters may not be effective. For example,
if you set the EGint (EG Intensity: VDF EG sensitivity adjustment) to 00, changing the parameters
of the VDF EG will not modify the sound. You can save time and energy and edit most efficiently
by first understanding the structure of the Program.


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