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Turning The Power On - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Turning the Power On

Make sure that the [
Make sure that the power cord is connected to the rear panel connector (page 35).
Insert the plug on the other end of the power cord into a standard AC outlet.
Press the [
] switch on the right end of the keyboard to turn on the power to the unit.
The power indicator located below the left end of the keyboard lights up.
Press the [
] switch again to turn off the power to the unit.
The power indicator turns off.
• Make sure your digital piano is rated for the AC voltage supplied in the area in which the piano will be used. (The voltage
rating appears on the name plate on the bottom panel). In some areas, a voltage selector may be provided on the bottom
panel of the main keyboard unit near the power cord. Make sure that the voltage selector is set for the voltage in your
area. Connecting the unit to an inappropriate AC supply can seriously damage the internal circuitry and may even pose
a shock hazard!
• Use only the AC power cord supplied with the instrument. If the supplied power cord is lost or damaged and needs to be
replaced, contact your Yamaha dealer. The use of an inappropriate replacement can pose a fire and shock hazard!
• The type of AC power cord provided with the instrument may be different depending on the country in which the
instrument was purchased. (In some areas a plug adaptor may be provided to match the pin configuration of the AC wall
outlets in your area.) Do NOT modify the plug provided with the instrument. If the plug will not fit the outlet, have a proper
outlet installed by a qualified electrician.
• Be sure to use an appropriate AC outlet.
• Be sure to use a specified power adaptor. Using a different power adaptor may cause malfunction, overheating, or fire.
CAUTION (YDP-161/141)
• A small amount of electrical current remains even after the [
• If you plan not to use the instrument for an extended period of time, or if there is a possibility of lightning, be sure to
unplug the instrument from the AC outlet.
] switch is turned off.
] switch
(YDP-161) Power switch
(YDP-141) Standby/On switch
Power indicator
] switch has been turned off.
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual
Before Using the Digital Piano

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