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Connecting The Pedal Cord - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Connect the pedal cord.
6-1 Insert the pedal cord plug to the [PEDAL] jack
from the rear.
6-2 Attach the cord holders to the rear panel as
shown, then clip the cord into the holders.
6-3 Use a vinyl tie to take up any slack in the pedal cord.
Connect the power cord (for YDP-161) or
power adaptor (for YDP-141) to the unit.
7-1 Set the voltage selector (for models that
feature a voltage selector).
Voltage Selector
Before connecting the AC power cord, check the
setting of the voltage selector which is provided in
some areas. To set the selector for 110V, 127V, 220V
or 240V main voltages, use a "minus" screwdriver to
rotate the selector dial so that the correct voltage for
your region appears next to the pointer on the
panel. The voltage selector is set at 240V when the
unit is initially shipped. After the proper voltage has
been selected, connect the AC power cord to the
[AC IN] jack and an AC wall outlet. A plug adaptor
may be also provided in some areas to match the
pin configuration of the AC wall outlets in your area.
7-2 Connect the plug on the power cord to the
rear panel connector.
7-1 Connect the DC plug of the power adaptor to
the rear panel connector, and loop cord
slack onto the cord hook so that the plug will
not be disconnected accidentally.
• Do not bend the cord tightly when you hang the
cord on the cord hook. Otherwise, a short-circuit or
fire may result.
• An improper voltage setting can cause serious damage
to this instrument or result in improper operation.

■Connecting the pedal cord

Insert the pedal cord securely until the metal part of the
cord plug disappears from view. Otherwise, the pedal
may not function properly.
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual
Keyboard Stand Assembly
Insert the cord all the
way until the metal part
of the plug disappears
from view.

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