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Start Recording - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Recording Your Performance

Start recording.

Recording starts as soon as you play the keyboard. Alternatively, press the [PLAY]
button to start recording.
The [REC] button indicator lights up steadily, and the indicator for the recording part
flashes at the current tempo.(If data exists in the part you are not recording, the
corresponding part indicator lights up.)
Press either the [REC] or [PLAY] button to stop recording.
When recording is stopped, all indicators (for the [REC], [PLAY], [+ R] and [– L]
buttons) will flash, indicating that the recorded data is being saved to the
instrument. After the data is saved, the button indicator for the recorded part will
light up steadily, indicating that the part now contains data. Record Ready mode will
automatically be cancelled.
Changing the settings for the recorded user song
The initial settings (data recorded at the beginning of a song) can be changed after
If you wish to change the voice of the user song, before pressing the [REC] button,
select a different voice. Then, simultaneously press the [REC] button and the button
for the part whose initial settings you want to change. The unit enters Record mode.
Without playing the keyboard, press the [REC] button again to apply the change(s)
to the song. If you wish to change the tempo, do so after the unit enters Record
Individual Parts
• Voice selection
• Reverb depth
• Dual voices
• Damper/soft pedal depth
Entire Song
• Tempo
• [REVERB] type (including OFF)
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual
Do not turn off the power to
this instrument while it is
recording the data in its
internal memory (that is, while
all button indicators are
flashing). Otherwise, all
recorded data, including the
data being recorded, will be
If the metronome was on when
you started recording, you'll
be able to keep time with the
metronome while recording,
but the metronome sound will
not be recorded.
You can save the recorded
user song to a computer. You
can also load the user song
data from a computer and
play it back on this instrument.
(See page 28.)
The user song is saved as a
Standard MIDI file (SMF).
(page 28)

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