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Listening To Songs Loaded From The Computer - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Listening to Songs Loaded from the Computer

You can transfer song data from your computer to this instrument and play back the songs. (See page 28 for more
information on loading song data from the computer.)
While holding down the [DEMO/SONG] button, press one of
the D 6–C7 keys to select a song to play back.
Song numbers (1 through 10) are assigned to the D 6–C7 keys (see the illustration
The [PLAY], [+ R] and [– L] button indicator lights up, and the selected song starts
playing.Starting with the selected song, the playback of the songs loaded from the
computer will continue in the following sequence: any other songs loaded from the
computer, followed by demo songs, and 50 piano preset songs. The sequence then
returns to the first songs loaded from the computer and repeats until you stop it.
While a song is playing, press the [+ R] or [– L] button to change to the next or
previous song.
Press the [DEMO/SONG] or [PLAY] button to stop playback.
Selecting a Song Playback Channel
If a song loaded from the computer uses a voice that is not supported by this
instrument, the originally-assigned voice may not be reproduced accurately. In this
case, switching the song playback channel from "All" to "1 + 2" may improve the
tone to more natural sound.
Selecting 1 + 2 song playback channels:
While pressing and holding down the [DEMO/SONG] button and the [PIANO/
VOICE] button simultaneously, press the C7 key.
Channels 1 + 2 will produce the sound.
Selecting all song playback channels:
While pressing and holding down the [DEMO/SONG] button and the [PIANO/
VOICE] button simultaneously, press the B6 key.
All channels 1 through 16 will produce the sound.
1st song
10th song
C7(The highest key)
D 6
The highest key
The highest key
You can load up to 10 songs
or up to 845 KB of data from
the computer.
Use the following table to write
down the song titles you
loaded from the computer.
Song title
D 6
F 6
G 6
A 6
Turning part playback on
and off
You can focus on practicing
one of the parts on the
keyboard while playing back
only the other part.(page 26)
Default setting:
Channels 1+2
The "Default setting" refers to
the factory setting obtained
when you turn on the power to
this instrument for the first
To adjust the tempo of the
song playback, see page 21.
When "1&2" is selected,
channels 3 – 16 will be
transmitted via MIDI.
When "ALL" is selected,
no channel will be transmitted
via MIDI.
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual

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