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Playing Back Recorded Performance Data; Erasing Recorded Performance Data - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Playing Back Recorded Performance Data

Press the [PLAY] button.
The [PLAY] button indicator and the indicator for the part that contains data light up,
and the recorded part starts playing back.
The parts can be turned on or off individually during playback. Refer to the
procedure on page 26.
Press the [PLAY] button to stop the playback
When the user song finishes playing back, this instrument automatically returns to
the previous mode.
To stop playback in the middle of a song, press the SONG [PLAY] button.

Erasing Recorded Performance Data

You can erase the entire recorded user song (including both [+ R] and [– L] part).
Press the [REC] button to engage Record Ready mode.
The [REC] and [+ R] button indicators flash.
If the left part ([– L]) contains data, [– L] button indicator lights up.
While holding down the [PLAY] button, press the [REC] button
to engage Erase Ready mode.
The [REC], [PLAY], [+ R] and [– L] button indicators flash.
To cancel the erase operation, press any button whose indicator is NOT flashing
(such as the [DEMO/SONG], [PIANO/VOICE] or [METRONOME] button).
Press the [REC], [PLAY], [+ R] or [– L] button to erase
recorded performance data.
The [REC], [PLAY], [+ R] and [– L] button indicators light up in turn from top to
All button indicators turn off after data is erased.
Erasing individual part data
Hold down the [REC] button and press the [
Ready mode. (See step 2 on page 23.)
Press the [PLAY] button to start recording. Without playing the keyboard, press the
[PLAY] or [REC] button to stop recording. All data previously recorded for the
selected part will be erased.
The button indicator turn off.
R] or [
L] button to engage Part Record
Recording Your Performance
If the user song contains no
data, pressing the [PLAY]
button will not start playback.
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual

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