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Recording Your Performance - Yamaha 141 Owner's Manual

Owner's manual
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Recording Your Performance

Your digital piano's recording function enables you to record your performance of one song. The recorded performance is
called the "user song."
You can record up to two parts separately. For example, you can record the left-hand and right-hand parts separately.
Or, you can create a duet piece by recording each part one at a time and then playing them together.
Follow the steps below to record and play back your performance.
Recording Your Performance
Make all initial settings.
Before you begin to record, select the voice that you want to use for recording. (See
Make any other desired settings (reverb, etc.) as well.
Use the [MASTER VOLUME] control to adjust the volume to a comfortable listening
level. You can also use the [MASTER VOLUME] control to adjust the volume level
during playback.
Select a part and engage Record Ready mode.
Hold down the [REC] button and press the [+ R] or [– L] button for the part you
want to record to engage Record Ready mode.
If you press the [REC] button and play both parts without specifying the recording
part, the performance will automatically be recorded to the right part ([+ R]).
Recording does not actually start yet.
Recording the right part ([+ R])
Recording the left part ([– L])
The [REC] button indicator and the selected part button indicator will flash at the
currently-selected tempo. (It may take a moment before the indicator starts to flash.)
Press the [REC] button again if you wish to cancel Record mode.
Turning the playback part on and off
If data has already been recorded in the [+ R] and/or [– L] part, the indicator for
the part(s) will light up, and the data in the part(s) will start playing back as soon as
you start recording your performance.
If you do not want to hear the part playback, hold down the [PLAY] button and press
the button ([+ R] or [– L]) for the part you want to mute.
Its indicator will turn off.
Pressing the part buttons toggles part playback on and off.
Be careful not to erase the
recorded data!
When you finish recording
your performance, the
indicator for the part button
([+ R] and/or [– L]) lights up.
Recording another
performance while this
indicator remains on will
overwrite the existing
recorded data.
You cannot engage Record
mode while a demo song is
The User song will not be
transmitted via MIDI.
Recording capacity
"Recording capacity" is the
maximum amount of
performance data that you
can record. This instrument's
recording capacity is 100 KB
(approximately 11,000 notes).
YDP-161/141 Owner's Manual

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