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Korg M50-73 Owner's Manual: Loading Data; Data That Can Be Loaded; Loading Data From Media; (media-load)

Music workstation.
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Loading data

Data that can be loaded

Loading from media
You can load the following data from media.
• .PCG file:
Programs, Combinations, Drum Kits, Global
settings, User Arpeggio Patterns, and User Drum
Track patterns
• .SNG file:
Song and cue list.
• .MID file:
Standard MIDI file (SMF) format
• .EXL file:
MIDI exclusive data
Loading the preloaded data and
demo songs to restore the factory
You can load the factory settings and demo songs back
into the M50's internal memory. For the procedure,
please see "Loading the preloaded data" on page 97.
• Preload data:
Programs, Combinations, Drum Kits, Global
settings, User Arpeggio Patterns
• Demo song data
Loading data Data that can be loaded

Loading data from media

Loading all Programs, Combinations,
Drum Kits and Arpeggio patterns
Here we'll explain how to load all data from a .PCG file
containing Programs, Combinations, Drum kits,
Global settings, User Arpeggio patterns, and Drum
Track patterns in a single operation.
When loading Programs, Combinations, Songs, or
Drum Kits, you must make sure that the Global
mode memory protect setting is unchecked. For
details, please see "Memory protect" on page 90.
Note: Please see page 90 for details on the media from
which you can load data.
1. Make sure that the media is ready for you to load
data. For details, please see "Inserting/removing a
card in the SD card slot" on page 91.
2. Access the Media– Load page. Press the Load tab.
3. Press the .PCG file containing the program and
combination data you want to load, so that the file
is highlighted.
• If there are directories, press the Open button to
move to a lower level, or press the Up button to
move back to the higher level.
4. Press the Load button. Alternatively, choose the
menu command "Load Selected."
A dialog box will appear.
5. If you want to load song data at the same time,
select the "Load ********.SNG too" box. When you
execute the load operation, the .SNG file will be
loaded together with the .PCG file.
Use "Select .SNG Allocation" to specify the destination
to which the song data will be loaded.


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