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5. In "Step Time," use "Select" to specify the basic
timing value at which you will input notes and
Input the first C3 note as . (dotted eighth note).
Use the popup button at the left to select .
You can choose a note value ranging from a whole note
( ) to a 32nd note ( ).
Input a dotted note by selecting "." with the popup
buttons at right.
You can specify "3" to input a triplet. If you want to
use the unmodified length of the note that's selected at
the left, choose "–".
"Note Duration" indicates the length that the note
itself will sound. Smaller values will produce a
staccato note, and larger values will produce a legato
note. For this example, leave this setting unchanged.
"Note Velocity" is the velocity (playing strength), and
larger values will produce a louder volume. Set this to
If you select Key for this parameter, the velocity with
which you actually play the keyboard will be input.
6. On the keyboard, press and then release the first
C3 note that you want to input.
The data you input will appear in the display as
numerical values. In the upper right, Measure 001 Beat
Tick 01.000 will change to Measure 001 Beat Tick
01.360. The next note you input will be placed at this
7. Input the remaining notes as described in steps 5
and 6. (You've already input the first C3 note.)
In addition to the methods described in steps 5 and 6,
you can also use the following input methods.
• To input a rest, press the Rest button. This will
input a rest of the selected Step Time value.
• To modify the length of a note, you can modify the
Step Time value before you input the note.
However if you want to extend the length (tie) of
the note, press the Tie button. At this time, the
previously-input note will be extended by the Step
Time length.
• To delete a note or rest that you input, press the
Step Back button. The previously-input note will be
• To input a chord, simultaneously press the notes of
the desired chord. Even if you do not press them
simultaneously, notes that are pressed before you
fully remove your hand from all keys on the
keyboard will be input at the same location.
MIDI recording Step recording
• If you want to verify the pitch of the note that you
will input next, press the PAUSE switch. In this
state, playing a key will produce a sound, but will
not input a note. Press the PAUSE switch once
again to cancel the record-pause state, and resume
inputting notes.
Key, Button
. 3 -
Rest button
Rest button
Rest button
Rest button
Rest button
Rest button
8. When you are finished recording, press the Done
Press the SEQUENCER START/STOP switch to play
Access the P0: Play/REC– Play Loop T01–08 page,
check Track Play Loop for MIDI Track 02, set Loop
Start Measure to 001, and Loop End Measure to 002.
MIDI track 02 will play measures 1–2 repeatedly.
9. If you're not satisfied with the result, press the
COMPARE switch to return to the state prior to
recording, and then re-record from step 4.
When you begin step recording, all data in the
MIDI track that follows the measure where you
began recording will be erased. You need to be
aware of this if you begin step recording from a
measure mid-way through the song.
If you want to copy data into a measure that
already contains data, perform step recording in
an empty MIDI track, and use the Move Measure
or Copy Measure menu commands. For details,
please see "Copy Measure" on page 200 of the
Parameter Guide, and "Move Measure" on
page 201 of the Parameter Guide.
If you want to edit or add to the recorded data,
you can use the Event Edit function. For details,
please see "Event Edit" on page 196 of the
Parameter Guide.
Beat Tick
C3 key
001 / 01.000
G3 key
001 / 01.360
001 / 02.000
C4 key
001 / 02.240
001 / 02.360
C4 key
001 / 03.120
D3 key
001 / 03.240
Eb3 key
001 / 04.000
E3 key
001 / 04.240
F3 key
002 / 01.000
002 / 01.120
C3 key
002 / 01.360
002 / 02.000
F2 key
002 / 02.240
Tie button
002 / 03.000
F2 key
002 / 03.240
002 / 03.360
A2 key
002 / 04.000
A3 key
002 / 04.240
002 / 04.360


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