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Korg M50-73 Owner's Manual: Appendices; Restoring The Factory Settings; Loading The Preloaded Data

Music workstation.
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Restoring the factory settings

Loading the preloaded data

The original preload data is backed up in the M50, so
you can restore any or all of the Programs,
Combinations, Drum Kits, User Arpeggio Patterns,
and Global settings to their original factory settings.
The original demo songs can also be re-loaded at any
time. For details, please see "About the data loaded by
All Preload PCG."
User banks and user patterns into which preload data
has not been loaded will remain unchanged. If you
want to erase user banks or user patterns, initialize the
M50 and then load the preload data. For more details,
please see "Initialization" on page 102.
Never turn off the power while the data is being
Before you load the preload data, go to the Global
mode P0: Basic Setup– System Preference page,
and uncheck the "Memory Protect" settings for the
data that you want to load. If you execute this
operation with these settings checked, the data
will not be loaded.
Loading the preloaded data will overwrite the
contents of the internal memory. If you want to
keep the existing data that is stored in internal
memory, use "Save All (PCG&SNG)" or "Save
PCG" to save your data to external media before
you continue.
1. Access the Global mode P0: Basic Setup– Basic
Press the MODE GLOBAL switch to enter Global
If the Global P0: Basic Setup– Basic page is not
shown, press the EXIT switch.
2. Press the menu button, and choose "Load Preload/
Demo Data."
A dialog box will appear.


3. In the "Kind" field, select All Preload PCG.
4. Press the OK button to load the preload data. If
you decide not to load the preload data, press the
Cancel button.
When you press the OK button, a dialog box will ask
you for confirmation. Press the OK button to execute
Note: When the dialog box is displayed, the ENTER
switch performs the same function as the OK button.
About the data loaded by All Preload PCG
When you execute All (Preload PCG and Demo Song),
the Demo Song data will be loaded in addition to the
Preload PCG data.
When you execute All Preload PCG, the following data
will be loaded:
• Program: Bank A, B, C, D, E (000–095)
• Combination: Bank A, B, C
• Drum Kit: 00(INT)–47(INT)
• User Arpeggio Pattern: U0000(INT)–U1027(USER)
• Global Setting
• Demo Song: S000–S003
Only when executing All (Preload PCG and Demo
Note: Demo song data will be erased when the power
is turned off.


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