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Korg M50-73 Owner's Manual: Other Settings For The Drum Track; Drum Track Synchronization; Creating Drum Track Patterns

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2. Specify the MIDI channel of the drum track
Be aware that if another timbre uses the same MIDI
channel, that timbre will also be played.
3. Access the Combi P7: ARP/DT– Drum Track page.
Specify the drum track's MIDI channel Output. Set this
to match the MIDI Channel of the timbre you
specified in step 2.
4. Select a Drum Track pattern. Use "Pattern (Pattern
Bank)" to select the preset or user bank, and use
"Pattern No." to select the pattern number.
Note: If you select an empty pattern, the DRUM
TRACK ON/OFF switch will not function.
5. Press the DRUM TRACK ON/OFF switch to verify
that the pattern plays correctly.
The method of triggering will depend on the Trigger
settings. If the Trigger Mode parameter is set to Start
Immediately, the Drum Track pattern will start when
you press the ON/OFF switch. For details on the
Trigger settings, please see "7–4b: Trigger" on page 62
of the Parameter Guide.
Performing with the Drum Track function Other settings for the drum track
Other settings for the drum
Settings for the drum track include Sync, Latch, and
Zone. You can edit these parameters in the Prog P7:
ARP/DT– Drum Trk Pattern page, and in the Combi
P7: ARP/DT– Drum Track page.
For details, please see PG page 62, page 111, and
page 172.

Drum track synchronization

For details on synchronization between the drum track
and the arpeggiators, the songs and patterns in
Sequencer mode, and RPPR playback, please see PG
page 173.

Creating drum track patterns

A drum pattern you've created can be converted into a
drum track pattern (see PG page 208).


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