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Korg M50-73 Owner's Manual: Midi Recording; Preparations For Recording

Music workstation.
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MIDI recording

Preparations for recording

Before you begin recording, make sure that the
memory protect setting in Global mode is turned
off. For details, please see "Memory protect" on
page 90.
Creating a Song
Before we can begin this example, we need to select an
empty song where we can record.
1. Press the MODE SEQ switch to enter Sequencer
2. Choose "Song Select" (e.g., in the P0–1: Play/REC–
Program T01–08 page).
You can press the Song Select popup button, and
choose from a list.
Song Select
Track Select
Program Select,
& Popup
3. Use the numeric keys to input the number of the
new song you want to create, and press the ENTER
switch. (For example, press the 1 switch and then
the ENTER switch.) A dialog box will appear.
If you pressed the Song Select popup to access the
Song No. dialog box, press the desired song number to
open the dialog box.
4. Use "Set Length" to input the desired number of
measures and press the OK button.
You can change the number of measures later if
desired. For details, please see "Set Song Length" on
page 198 of the Parameter Guide.
5. Press the OK button to create the song.
Tip: You can use the ENTER switch instead of the OK
Track settings
Since we're going to record a new song in this example,
we will start by explaining how to assign a program to
each MIDI track, and make basic settings such as
1. Assign a program to each MIDI track.
Use "Program Select" to assign a program to each
MIDI track. The method is the same as when assigning
a program to a timbre in a combination (see page 45).
You can copy various settings from Programs or
Combinations. (See PG page 126, page 120, and
page 194)
2. When assigning a program, you can use Track
3. Set the pan and volume of each MIDI track.
Press the Mixer 1–8 tab (or the Mixer 9–16 tab) to
REC Resolution
access the Mixer T01–08 page (Mixer T09–16 page).
• Pan sets the pan position of each track, and Volume
4. Specify the tone generator and MIDI channel that
Press the PAGE SELECT switch to access SEQ Page
Select, and press "P3 Track Param." The P3: Track
Param page will appear. Press the MIDI 1–8 tab (or the
MIDI 9–16 tab) to access the MIDI T01–08 page (MIDI
T09–16 page).
• Use Status to specify whether each track will play
Normally when using the M50 as a 16-timbre sound
module, you will select INT or BTH.
MIDI recording Preparations for recording
Select to choose the track to which you wish to
assign a program, and audition the sound.
sets the volume level of each track.
will be played by each MIDI track.
the internal and/or external sound generator.


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