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Korg M50-73 Owner's Manual: Foot Switch; Damper Pedal

Music workstation.
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Introduction to the M50
received via MIDI, then neither the TEMPO knob nor
the TAP TEMPO switch will have any effect.
TAP TEMPO switch
You can set the tempo of the Arpeggiator or Drum
Track function in Program, Combination, and
Sequencer modes by lightly pressing or tapping the
TAP TEMPO switch several on the beat. In Sequencer
mode, you can control the song tempo in this way.
To enter the tempo, use your finger to gently tap the
TAP TEMPO switch. The tempo will be entered when
you press the switch twice, but you should tap several
times in order to increase the precision. The average of
the last sixteen taps will be specified as the tempo.
During playback, lightly press the TAP TEMPO switch
several times at the desired tempo. The tempo will
follow your tapping in realtime. This is a convenient
way to match the tempo in realtime to the beat of a
different source.
You can use tap tempo control whenever the
TEMPO knob can be operated. For example in
Sequencer mode, tap tempo control will not be
available if you are playing a song whose Tempo
Mode setting is set to Auto. (See PG page 130)
Note: You can also use a foot switch connected to the
ASSIGNABLE FOOT SWITCH jack to control the tap
tempo function (see page 84, PG page 228, and
page 384).

Damper Pedal

The damper pedal is also sometimes called the sustain
pedal. It acts like the similarly-named pedal on an
acoustic piano; when you hold down the pedal, notes
will continue to sustain even when you lift your hands
off of the keyboard.
In Combination and Sequence mode, you can also
make settings so that the damper will affect some
sounds but not other sounds.

Foot Switch

Assignable Foot Switch
This lets you use a simple footswitch, such as the Korg
PS-1, as an assignable controller. The footswitch can
perform a wide variety of functions, such as:
• An assignable source for modulating sounds and
• Portamento on/off
• Program select up or down
• Sequencer start/stop or punch in/out
• Tap Tempo
• Arpeggiator on/off
• Switch the Drum Track on/off
• Operate various M50 controls (VALUE slider,
chord trigger switches, realtime control knobs,
joystick, SW1/SW2, etc.)
Assignable Foot Pedal
This lets you use a continuous controller pedal, such as
the Korg EXP-2 foot controller or Korg XVP-10 EXP/
VOL pedal, as an assignable controller.
Like the Assignable Foot Switch, described above, the
Foot Pedal can be used for many different functions,
• Master Volume
• Channel Volume, Pan, or Expression
• Assignable sound modulation, as several different
AMS or Dmod sources
• Effects Send level control
• Operate various M50 controls (VALUE slider,
chord trigger switches, realtime control knobs,
Joystick, SW1/SW2, etc.)


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