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Customizing The Monitor Display - HP Deskpro EN DT 6500 Plus Getting Started

Hp deskpro ap750: quick start
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Customizing the
Monitor Display
Installing Windows NT Workstation 4.0 (CD Installation
Restore CD may be required if converting to NTFS. For network
installation, refer to the Microsoft Windows NT installation manual
or contact your authorized Compaq dealer, reseller, or service
1. After completing Method 2, steps 1-5, exit FDISK, remove
the diskette from the diskette drive, insert the Windows NT
Workstation 4.0 installation CD into the CD-ROM drive,
and restart the computer. The installation process begins
2. Let Windows NT create the primary partition using the
maximum capacity of the hard drive.
3. When prompted, select NTFS to format the hard drive.
4. Read and follow all of the instructions on the screen to
complete installation of Windows NT.
5. After installation is complete, install any additional drivers
the system may require.
If you choose to customize your monitor display, you can
manually select or change the monitor brand, model, refresh
rates, color, resolution, and power management settings. Select
the Display icon in the Control Panel to change display settings,
or refer to the online documentation provided with the graphics
controller utility.
For hard drives larger than 6.4 GB, the Compaq
Getting Started

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