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Converting To Ntfs - HP Deskpro EN DT 6500 Plus Getting Started

Hp deskpro ap750: quick start
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Converting to NTFS

Method 1 (Recommended)
The hard drive included with a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
model contains a primary FAT16 partition on which the
operating system and Compaq software are installed. The rest of
the hard drive is divided into one or more additional partitions.
Because FAT16 only supports partitions up to 2 GB, converting
to NTFS will allow hard drives larger than 2 GB to be
partitioned as one large drive.
The largest NTFS partition possible is 7.5 to 8.0 GB,
depending on the hard drive, with a second NTFS
partition created from the remaining space on the drive.
If the computer does not have a CD-ROM drive, other means of
installation, such as a network share, will be needed.
The following procedures will remove all of the
software applications and data files from your hard drive. Be sure
to back up any data files you have created prior to converting from
FAT16 to NTFS, or you will not be able to restore them.
You will be able to restore the original operating system and
Compaq software from the Compaq Restore CD . The operating
system (without Compaq software or optimized drivers) may be
restored from the operating system installation CD or diskettes.
Insert the Compaq Restore CD, version 2.0 or higher, into the
CD-ROM drive and turn on or restart the computer. Read and
follow the instructions that appear on the screen to change the
drive partitioning.
Getting Started

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