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Turning Off Your Computer - HP Deskpro EN DT 6500 Plus Getting Started

Hp deskpro ap750: quick start
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Windows Logo Keys
Windows logo key + F1
Windows logo key + Tab
Windows logo key + E
Windows logo key + F
Windows logo key + Ctrl+F
Windows logo key + M
Shift+Windows logo key + M
Windows logo key + R
Turning Off Your
You may use the Windows Logo keys in combination with other
keys to perform certain functions in Windows 95 and later
operating systems, as described in the following table:
To properly turn off your computer, click Shut Down on the
Start menu. The computer will automatically shut down.
In Windows NT Workstation 4.0, the power button always
functions as a power switch. In the default configuration of
Windows 95 or later operating systems, however, pressing the
power button does not turn off the power, but causes the
computer to enter a low-power state. This allows you to quickly
power down, without closing applications, and to quickly return
to the same operational state without any data loss.
If the power button is pressed and held in for four
seconds, power to the computer will turn off completely.
To reconfigure the power button to work in On/Off mode,
run Computer Setup. Refer to Making Hardware Changes
for Computer Setup instructions.
To reduce the risk of personal injury from electrical
shock and/or hot surfaces, before you open the computer cover for
any reason:
Be sure to disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet.
Allow the internal system components to cool before touching.
Displays a pop-up menu for the selected object.
Activates the next Taskbar button.
Launches Explore My Computer.
Launches Find Files.
Launches Find Computer.
Minimizes all open applications.
Undoes Minimize All.
Displays Run dialog box.
Getting Started

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