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HP Pavilion w1100 - Desktop PC Manual

Upgrading and servicing guide
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Upgrading and Servicing Guide


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Upgrading and Servicing Guide...
  • Page 2 Cupertino, CA 95015-4010 © 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. All rights reserved. Hewlett-Packard is a registered trademark of Hewlett-Packard Company in the United States of America and other countries/regions. This product incorporates copyright protection technology that is protected by method claims of certain U.S. patents and other intellectual property rights owned by Macrovision Corporation and other rights owners.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Safety Information ................. 1 Opening and Closing the PC ............1 Preparing the PC ..................1 Before Opening the PC ................2 After Closing the PC..................2 Removing the Side Panel ................2 Replacing the Side Panel ................3 Removing the Front Panel................3 Replacing the Front Panel ................3 Locating Components Inside the PC ............4 Removing and Replacing Drives .............
  • Page 4 Upgrading and Servicing Guide...
  • Page 5: Safety Information

    Safety Information Opening and Closing the PC This product has not been evaluated for connection Preparing the PC to an “IT” power system (an AC distribution system with no direct connection to earth, according to Before you upgrade any component in your PC, you IEC 60950).
  • Page 6: Before Opening The Pc

    Before Opening the PC 3 Reconnect external devices. 4 Turn on the PC and all peripherals such as the To avoid injury and equipment damage, always monitor. follow this procedure in this order before opening 5 If you installed an add-in card, install any software the PC: drivers supplied by the card manufacturer.
  • Page 7: Replacing The Side Panel

    Replacing the Side Panel 1 Locate the three small tabs attached to the front panel on the side of the chassis. 2 Press each tab away from the center of the chassis. Press the top, the middle, and the bottom tab, and then gently remove the front panel.
  • Page 8: Locating Components Inside The Pc

    Locating Components Inside the PC Before adding a new optical drive, IMPORTANT: ® make sure that it is compatible with the Microsoft Memory card reader ® Windows XP operating system. Also, make sure you Upper optical drive bay, may be a CD-ROM, have the correct software and drivers for the optical CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD+RW, or combination drive to work with the operating system.
  • Page 9: Replacing Or Adding An Optical Drive

    5 Disconnect the power cable and data cable from 6 Connect the power cable and data cable to the the back of the optical drive, using a gentle rocking back of the optical drive. Some drive models may motion. Disconnect the sound cable, if present. have a sound cable.
  • Page 10: Installing A Memory Card Reader

    4 Pull the memory card reader part way out of the Removing a Hard Disk Drive front of the PC. The hard disk drive of your PC is attached to your 5 Remove the cable attached to the side of the HP Personal Media Drive bay.
  • Page 11 4 Remove the two screws from the back of the drive bay and remove the cable (A). Disconnecting the Parallel ATA hard disk drive cables 6 Remove the two screws on the front of the drive bay. 7 Gently pull back and hold the drive bay release tab while pulling out the drive bay from the front of the PC.
  • Page 12: Replacing A Hard Disk Drive

    9 Remove the four screws that secure the hard disk 5 Attach the data and power supply cables to the drive to the drive bay. Lift the hard disk drive up back of the hard disk drive. from the drive bay bracket. WARNING: For Parallel ATA drives, connect the IDE cable end (C) labeled Master to the primary hard disk drive.
  • Page 13: Adding Memory

    6 Move any cabling out of the way, if necessary. Adding Memory WARNING: Do not pull the memory The motherboard contains sockets for DDR DIMMs module out of the socket. Use the (double data rate dual in-line memory modules). The retaining clips to eject the module.
  • Page 14: Removing Or Installing An Add-In Card

    2 Hold the new memory module by its edges only as WARNING: Do not overload the system by you remove it from the antistatic packaging. Avoid installing add-in cards that draw excessive touching the memory chips or the gold contacts on current.
  • Page 15: Installing An Add-In Card

    5 Loosen the screw on the card you are replacing. Replacing the Battery Hold the card at the top and carefully pull the card straight out of the add-in card slot. A lithium battery on the motherboard provides backup power for the PC’s timekeeping capability. Installing an Add-in Card When the battery starts to weaken, the date and time may be incorrect.
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