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D-Link DE-1824EI User Manual page 65

Intelligent series 10base-t stackable hubs
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are too long, and you have either exceeded the repeater count or cable
length specified in the Ethernet standard.
♦ Runt Frame: counts frames shorter than the 64-byte (octet) minimum
defined by the Ethernet standard.
♦ Collision: counts collisions on the Ethernet segment.
♦ FCS Error: counts otherwise valid frames that fail the CRC check.
♦ Alignment Error: counts otherwise valid frames that did not end on a
byte (octet) boundary
♦ Interframe Gap: counts frames sent too close behind the previous
frame; a minimum of 8±1 microseconds of carrier is required between
♦ Jabber: counts frames longer than the maximum 1518 bytes (octets)
with either bad framing or an invalid CRC.
♦ Auto Partition: counts events where the port was partitioned off from
the rest of the network due to excessive errors.
♦ Fragment: counts packets less than 64 bytes with either bad framing
or an invalid CRC. These are normally the result of collisions.
♦ DRM (Data Rate Mismatch): counts events where there is a
frequency mismatch between the received signal and the hub's
internal clock. This may indicate a hardware problem in the hub or in
an Ethernet interface.
♦ SFD Missing: counts frames longer than 10 bytes without a valid
Start of Frame Delimiter.
♦ Readable Frame: counts valid frames.
♦ Multicast Frame: counts valid frames that are sent to multicast
Ethernet addresses.
Using the Console Interface
10BASE-T Stackable Hubs
These are usually caused by



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