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D-Link DE-1824EI User Manual page 22

Intelligent series 10base-t stackable hubs
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10BASE-T Stackable Hubs
♦ Daisy-chain in/out
The down arrow indicates that another hub in the stack is connected to
the daisy-chain in port of the hub, and the up arrow indicates that another
hub is connected to the daisy-chain out port.
♦ Col Ratio (manageable models only)
The Col Ratio bar graph displays the collision rate on the Ethernet
network, in units of tens of collisions per second. Collisions occur
whenever two or more devices on the network attempt to transmit at the
same time; whenever that happens, all of the devices involved back off
and retransmit after a small delay. An excessive number of collisions can
drastically reduce the bandwidth of the network, and may indicate that the
network is overloaded or that there is some sort of hardware or wiring
The Col Ratio is only displayed on the manageable hub models; on all
models, however, the Col indicator will blink when a collision occurs.
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