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Setting Up The Master Hub; Tcp/Ip Settings - D-Link DE-1824EI User Manual

Intelligent series 10base-t stackable hubs
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10BASE-T Stackable Hubs
This method can also be used by a Super User to change another user's

Setting up the Master Hub

This section describes the settings you will need to change to allow you to be
able to manage the hub from an SNMP-based Network Management System
such as SNMP-View, or to be able to access the hub using the Telnet

TCP/IP Settings

The hub needs to have a TCP/IP address assigned to it so that the network
management system or Telnet client can find it on the network. The TCP/IP
Parameters Configuration Menu allows you to change the settings for the two
different interfaces used on the hub: the Ethernet interface used for in-band
communication, and the SLIP interface used over the console port for out-of-
band communication.
Each of the fields on this menu takes effect the next time the system is
restarted. Fields that can be set include:
♦ IP Address: determines the IP address used by the hub for receiving
SNMP and Telnet communications., where each xxx is a number (represented in decimal)
between 0 and 255. This address should be a unique address on a
network assigned to you by the central Internet authorities. The same
IP address is shared by both the SLIP and Ethernet network interfaces.
♦ Subnet Mask: bitmask that determines the extent of the subnet that
the hub is on. Should be of the form, where each xxx
is a number (represented in decimal) between 0 and 255. If no
subnetting is being done, the value should be for a Class A
network, for a Class B network, and for a
Class C network.
Should be of the form
Using the Console Interface



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