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Segmenting Hubs - D-Link DE-1824EI User Manual

Intelligent series 10base-t stackable hubs
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10BASE-T Stackable Hubs
♦ Auto Partition: displays On if the port has been automatically
partitioned off from the rest of the network due to excessive errors,
and Off if the port is operating normally.
♦ Admin State: this toggle determines whether the port should be
enabled or disabled (manually partitioned). Setting the Admin State
to Disabled will isolate the port from the rest of the network.
You can use the PREV GROUP and NEXT GROUP commands to switch to
another hub, or the PREV PORT and NEXT PORT commands to switch to
another port. You can also enter the port's Group ID and Port ID numbers.

Segmenting Hubs

Normally, all hubs in the stack are connected together into a single Ethernet
"collision domain" through the daisy-chain connections. However, in some
applications you may want to separate the hubs into separate collision
domains, while keeping them in the same stack for management purposes.
For instance, you may want to segment your network by connecting separate
workgroups to separate segmented hubs in the stack, and bridge the segments
together using a switching hub.
Figure 6 -15 Port State Menu
Using the Console Interface



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