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Compliance With Weee Regulation And Disposal Of The Waste Product; Package Information - Beko BKK 2118 User Manual

Toast grill


Table of Contents
Important instructions for
safety and environment
1.2 Compliance with WEEE regulation and
disposal of the waste product
This product does not contain harmful and forbidden materials
described in the "Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain
Hazardous Substances in Waste Electrical and Electronic
Equipment" (EEE) issued by the T.R. Ministry of Environment and
Urbanization. Complies with the WEEE Directive.
This product has been manufactured with high quality parts and materi-
als which can be reused and are suitable for recycling.Therefore, do not
dispose of the product with normal domestic waste at the end of its ser-
vice life. Take it to a collection point for the recycling of electrical and elec-
tronic equipment. Please consult your local authorities to learn the near-
est collection point. Help protect the environment and natural resources
by recycling used products. For children's safety, cut the power cable and
break the locking mechanism of the loading door so that it will be non-
functional before disposing of the product.

1.3 Package information

Packaging materials of the product are manufactured from recy-
clable materials in accordance with our National Environment
Regulations. Do not dispose of the packaging materials together
with the domestic or other wastes. Take them to the packaging
material collection points designated by the local authorities.
Toast Grill / User Manual
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