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How To Use The Toast Grill; Initial Use; Handling And Transportation - Beko BKK 2118 User Manual

Toast grill


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How to use the toast grill


4.1 Initial use

1. First check if the cooking plates
are attached properly or not.
Wash the cooking plates and
then oil the cooking surfaces
very slightly by means of a clea-
ning tissue or cotton wool.
2. Plug the power cord when the
appliance is in off position. After
taking the thermostat adjust-
ment knob to the desired posi-
tion, press on/off switch. The
appliance will start warming up
and the thermostat above the
switch will light up. This light will
turn off as soon as the adjusted
level of heat is reached.
3. Your appliance will be ready for
cooking after the thermostat
light turn off.
4. If you want to store the applian-
ce after cooking, lock it by using
the locking mechanism at the
right side of the handle after
making the necessary cleaning.
You may safely carry your appli-
ance in this way and store it in an
upright position.
12 / 27 TR
5. Do not operate the product wit-
hout the cooking plates attac-
hed on it, otherwise, the thermal
fuse of the appliance may break
4.2Handling and
During handling and transporta-
tion, carry the appliance in its origi-
nal packaging. The packaging of
the appliance protects it against
physical damages.
Do not place heavy loads on the ap-
pliance or the packaging. The appli-
ance may be damaged.
Dropping the appliance will render
it non-operational or cause perma-
nent damage.
Toast Grill / User Manual



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