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Important Instructions For Safety And Environment; General Safety - Beko BKK 2118 User Manual

Toast grill


Table of Contents
Important instructions for
safety and environment

1.1 General safety

• When you start to use your appliance for the first
time, slightly oil the cooking plates with cotton
wool, set the thermostat to position 3 and warm for
10 minutes. A light odor may arise, which is quite
• When you want to operate your appliance, first
open it by pushing the locking latch backwards
( ) which joins the upper and lower cooking groups.
• When you want to gather your appliance, you may
pull back the same locking latch forward to locking
position ( ) and lift it up.
• Never use metal objects such as knife or fork while
cleaning the cooking plates. You may damage the
PTFE coating.
• Always unplug the appliance when attaching and
removing the cooking plates or while cleaning.
• Never immerse the appliance in water.
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