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Removing / Attaching The Cooking Plates; Thermostat Positions - Beko BKK 2118 User Manual

Toast grill


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Cooking positions and adjustments
In this position, as both cooking
plates are opened side by side, sur-
face is widened. Barbeques such as
sirloin steak, chopsteak, meatballs or
crepe, egg, cheesecake, as preferred,
may be cooked in a short time.
3.3.1 Removing /
attaching the cooking
Removing and Attaching the
Cooking Plates
When you want to remove the cook-
ing plates, pull the fitting hook in
the front towards yourself and take
out the released cooking plate.
When you want to reattach it, first
place it at the back side of the bot-
tom and lock by pressing the front
side where the fitting hook is lo-
Before carrying out this process,
make sure that the plates and the
appliance are not hot and check if
these plates are properly attached
after the process.
Toast Grill / User Manual
3.4 Thermostat
Heat of the cooking plates of your
Toast Grill is being controlled by
the thermostat knob located in
the front part of the lower cooking
I-Slightly Hot: Mostly used for
warming purposes.
II-Hot: Crépe, sausage, chicken,
liver, etc. can be cooked.
III-Very Hot: Recommended for red
meats, fish, toast, etc.
These recommendations may vary
according to the thickness, quan-
tity, whether frozen or not, and the
degree of cooking of the food.
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