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Beko BKK 2109 User Manual

Beko BKK 2109 User Manual


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BKK 2109
Electronic Toaster
User's Manual



Summary of Contents for Beko BKK 2109

  • Page 1 BKK 2109 Electronic Toaster User’s Manual...
  • Page 2 This product has been produced in environmentally friendly, modern facilities...
  • Page 3 Dear customer, We would like our product, which is manufactured in modern facilities and which has been subject to detailed quality control process, to provide you with the highest productivity. Therefore, we would like you to read this manual thoroughly before you start using the product and we would like you to keep it as a reference.
  • Page 4 Part 1: Safety Warnings/3 Part 4: Maintenance and Cleaning / 6 Part 2: Technical Aspects of your machine / 4 Part 3: Using your machine / 5...
  • Page 5: Part 1: Safety Warnings

    Part 1: Safety Warnings * Do not touch hot surface. * Bread may burn. Therefore * Children should be supervised to * Do not insert metal object, knives, toasters must not be near or below ensure that they do not play with the forks and the like into the bread slot.
  • Page 6: Part 2: Technical Aspects Of Your Machine

    Part 2: Technical Aspects of your machine Voltage : 230V ~ 50 Hz. Frequency : 50 Hz. Power : 800 W Net Weight : 1164 gr Capacity : Two slice Isolation Class 1 - On Switch and Hi-Lift Lever 2 - 6 Browning Level Control Button 3 - Cancel Button 4 - Crumb Tray 5 - Self Adjusting Grills...
  • Page 7: Part 3: Using Your Machine

    Part 3: Using your machine *Plug your toaster into a suitable mains supply, place the bread to be toasted into the bread slot. *Set the browning control (Figure 1) to the desired setting and fully depress the lever (Figure 2), this will switch on the appliance.The browning control may be rotated to vary the toasting time and therefore...
  • Page 8: Part 4: Maintenance And Cleaning

    Part 4: Maintenance and Cleaning Unplug your toaster from the main replace.Carry out this regularly to Note : Never immerse the toaster supply and allow to cool.Slide out provent the build - up of crumbs in water or liquid.Wipe the outside the crumb tray (Figure 6) and which can smoke or even burn.