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Cleaning And Maintenance; Cleaning - Beko BKK 2118 User Manual

Toast grill


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Cleaning and maintenance


5.1 Cleaning

1. Unplug the power cord after co-
oking is finished and leave it to
cool off in open position.
2. Remove the cooking plates and
wash them in the dishwasher or
by hand. Never immerse other
parts of the appliance in water.
3. As the cooking plates are coated
with PTFE, do not clean them
with steel wool or scratching
materials to prevent scratching.
4. You may use the specially desig-
ned cleaning comb to clean the
cooking plates. Do not press the
cleaning comb hard enough to
scratch the plates and never use
it on hot surfaces. You may wash
the comb in the dishwasher af-
ter using it.
5. A very tiny scratch that may oc-
cur on the surfaces can cause
the foods to stick on the surfa-
ces. In such a case, try to clean
it up by dropping several drops
of oil.
6. Do not clean the outer surfaces
of your appliance with scratc-
hing and hard cleansing agents.
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