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Meanings Of The Symbols; Technical Data - Beko VCO 62607 AD User Manual


Table of Contents
Please read this user
manual first!
Dear Customers,
Thank you for selecting a Beko product.
We hope that you get the best results
from your product which has been
manufactured with high quality and
state-of-the-art technology. Therefore,
please read this entire user manual and all
other accompanying documents carefully
before using the product and keep it as a
reference for future use. If you handover
the product to someone else, give the
user manual as well. Follow all warnings
and information in the user manual.
1. On/Off button
2. Dust container
3. Suction nozzle
4. Hose cap
5. Hose
6. Dust container removal button
7. Power cable winding button
8. Suction power adjustment knob
9. Parquet/carpet brush parking hook
10. Brush adjustment latch
11. High performance parquet/carpet brush
12. Telescopic tube adjustment latch
13. Telescopic tube
14. Vacuum control
15. Handle
16. Upholstery tool
17. Dust brush
18. Hard floor brush
19. Crevice tool
20. Special Turbo/Animal Brush
This product has been manufactured in environmental friendly modern plants without giving any harm

Meanings of the symbols

Following symbols are used in the various
section of this manual:
Important information and useful
hints about usage.
WARNING: Warnings against
dangerous situations concerning the
security of life and property.
Protection class for electric shock.

Technical data

Supply voltage
Cable length
Technical and design modification rights are
The values which are declared in the markings affixed
on your appliance or other printed documents supplied
with it represent the values which were obtained in
the laboratories pursuant to the pertinent standards.
These values may vary according to the usage of the
appliance and ambient conditions.
to the nature.
: 220-240 V~, 50/60 Hz
:800 W
: 7 m
It does not contain PCB.


Table of Contents

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