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Sony REA-C1000 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony REA-C1000 Operating Instructions Manual

Edge analytics appliance
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5-000-618-13 (1)
Edge Analytics
Operating Instructions
Software Version 4.00
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly
and retain it for future reference.
© 2018 Sony Corporation


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Sony REA-C1000

  • Page 1 5-000-618-13 (1) Edge Analytics Appliance Operating Instructions Software Version 4.00 Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. REA-C1000 © 2018 Sony Corporation...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    [History] tab ..........25 Table of Contents System ..............25 [Information] tab ...........25 [Date & Time] tab .........26 [Initialize] tab ..........26 Overview [Update] tab ...........27 [EULA] tab ............27 Using This Manual ..........4 [Software] tab ..........27 Precautions Regarding Personal Information ..5 Precautions for Preventing Access to the Unit by an Unintended Third Party ........
  • Page 3 About Use of GNU GPL/LGPL Software ..55 Specifications ............55 External dimensions ........56...
  • Page 4: Overview

    THE SOFTWARE OR OTHER INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN OR THE USE THEREOF. Jumping to a related page Sony Corporation reserves the right to make any When you read the instructions on a computer display modification to this manual or the information and click on the related part of the relevant page that is contained herein at any time without notice.
  • Page 5: Precautions Regarding Personal Information

    Precautions Regarding Features Personal Information The REA-C1000 is a device that analyzes video that is input from a camera, computer, or other device, and You can register the face of a person for the face automatically generates video content in real-time that identification function of “Real-time Cropping”...
  • Page 6: Location And Function Of Parts

    D HDMI OUT 1/HDMI OUT 2 connectors Location and Function Connect to the HDMI input connectors of a display, projector, or other video device to display the output of Parts video from the unit. E STATUS button/LED Press and hold the button for 5 seconds with the unit turned so that the POWER LED starts flashing 4 5 6 green.
  • Page 7: System Configuration

    The unit can be arranged into various system configurations with other devices (not supplied). The diagram below shows a typical system configuration. We recommend that you build a 1000BASE-T network if using the streaming function. Using single HDMI input and output REA-C1000 Camera Monitor Router...
  • Page 8: Using Two Hdmi Input And Outputs

    Using two HDMI input and outputs Using two HDMI inputs and outputs allows simultaneous use of the PTZ Auto Tracking and Handwriting Extraction functions. Monitor Camera REA-C1000 Monitor Camera Router Computer for setup HDMI cable LAN cable (category 5e or higher, shielded twisted pair)
  • Page 9: Live Streaming Using Rtmp Protocol

    Live streaming using RTMP protocol Camera Monitor (optional) REA-C1000 Camera image Content for compositing Streaming Router service Computer for setup HDMI cable LAN cable (category 5e or higher, shielded twisted pair)
  • Page 10: Installation And Connection

    Installation and Connection Connecting Connecting to AC power supply Installing Connect to the AC power supply using an AC adapter Install the unit on a level surface, such as a desktop. (not supplied) and power cord. If, unavoidably, you need to mount the unit on an The POWER LED lights green when power is supplied.
  • Page 11: Initial Setup

    • Do not use the Back button of the browser. Tool guide separately from the following website. • JavaScript is used for the web page display when accessing the unit. The web page may not display correctly if your computer uses certain software, such Check the IP address of the unit.
  • Page 12: Screen Structure

    Screen Structure Configuring Initial Setup Items The following screen appears in the web browser when you access the unit. Access the unit in the factory default state, and configure You can configure the unit, and configure and run the following items. applications from this screen.
  • Page 13: Starting Applications

    Licenses Checking notifications The following option function licenses are available for the unit. You can check the status of the unit and the status of • Handwriting Extraction license connections with external devices in the notifications Enables the Handwriting Extraction function. dialog.
  • Page 14: Unit Setup (Common Settings)

    [IP Address] Enter the IP address of the remote camera to control a Sony remote camera from the unit using VISCA over IP. To clear the IP address, enter “”. [Model Name] Select the model name or enter an arbitrary model name for the remote camera to control from the unit using VISCA over IP.
  • Page 15: Video

    For details about supported cameras and their available Video camera functions, see “Supported Cameras and Available Camera Functions” (page 54). To use the PTZ Auto Tracking application, be sure to connect a camera that supports pan, tilt, and zoom Use to configure the system frequency and output video functions.
  • Page 16: Audio

    Note Audio If the system frequency is changed, you must restart the unit. Use to configure the audio of the unit. To enable the audio function Select [Enable] in [Send]. The following items can be configured when the audio function is enabled. [Audio Input Selection] Select the audio data ([HDMI IN] or [MIC IN]) that is output on [HDMI OUT 1] and [HDMI OUT 2].
  • Page 17: Network

    To specify a fixed IP address (IPv4) Network Clear the [Obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP)] checkbox and enter the following items. [IP Address]: Enter the IP address of the unit. [Subnet Mask]: Enter the subnet mask value. Use to configure the network settings for connection [Default Gateway]: Enter the default gateway.
  • Page 18: Security

    Notes Security • The following characters are valid in user names and passwords. Include at least one upper-case letter, one lower-case letter, and one number in passwords. Use to configure settings relating to security on the unit. – Alphanumeric characters The screen consists of [User], [Access], [SSL], and –...
  • Page 19: [Ssl] Tab

    In this case, you must reset the unit to the factory Tips settings. (All settings will be initialized.) • The subnet mask value indicates the number of bits To avoid this, check that SSL connection can be that are masked off from the left. For example, the established before configuration by performing the subnet mask value for is 24.
  • Page 20: [Referer] Tab

    • SSL connection may not be possible depending on the • [Use an external certificate] is selected but the type of certificate installed in the unit. required private key is not included in the certificate. To import a certificate • [Use a self-signed certificate (For test use)] is Click the [Browse] button at the bottom right of the selected but a self-signed certificate has not been setup screen and select the certificate.
  • Page 21: Streaming

    Streaming Use to configure streaming. The screen consists of [Streaming] and [Codec] tabs. Note Streaming using the RTMP protocol and RTSP protocol employed by the unit is susceptible to the possibility that streaming data can be accessed by a third party during streaming.
  • Page 22 Configuration items when [RTSP Server] is Configuration items when [RTMP] is selected in [Streaming Service] selected in [Streaming Service] [Server URL] Set the URL of the upload destination server. Specify a [Unicast Streaming] character string starting with “rtmp://” or “rtmps://”. Set the H.264 video data and AAC audio data communication port number for each port.
  • Page 23: [Codec] Tab

    [RTSP Authentication] [Bit Rate 1], [Bit Rate 2]: You can set the bit rate for Set whether to use RTSP authentication as the user each video streaming line. High-quality video authentication. streaming is supported by setting the bit rate to a high [RTSP Port Number]: Set the port number to use for value.
  • Page 24: Licenses

    [License] tab Access “Upgrade and License Management Suite” from a web browser on the computer. URL: 2-1 Follow the instructions displayed on the screen to register a license purchase code and enter the Unique Device ID obtained in step 1.
  • Page 25: [History] Tab

    [History] tab System Use to configure the basic system settings of the unit. The screen consists of [Information], [Date & Time], [Initialize], [Update], [EULA], and [Software] tabs. [Information] tab Displays the log of the installed licenses. You can check the option function name, license type, and installation date and time for each license.
  • Page 26: [Date & Time] Tab

    To adjust for Daylight Savings Time [Date & Time] tab automatically Place a check mark in [Automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time.] to automatically adjust the time for daylight savings time (summer time) in the selected time zone. [Initialize] tab [Restart] Click the [Restart] button when you want to restart the unit.
  • Page 27: [Update] Tab

    [Update] tab Use this to check and update the software version of the unit. To update the software Click the [Browse] button, select the firmware update file, and click the [Run] button. The unit restarts automatically, and the update is executed.
  • Page 28: Application Setup And Operation

    Click the [Setup] button. Application Setup and Operation The application starts, and the setup screen for the application appears. Note Option functions must be enabled before configuring or running an application. To enable an option function, you must activate a pre-installed license or purchase and install a license.
  • Page 29: Handwriting Extraction Application

    Handwriting Extraction Application This application identifies and extracts text and diagrams drawn on a whiteboard or blackboard in real- time, and renders them so that they appear in front of the speaker. Note The Handwriting Extraction option function must be enabled before configuring or running the Handwriting Extraction application.
  • Page 30: Configuring The Handwriting Extraction Application

    When running the Handwriting Extraction When using the RTMP streaming function: application standalone: The same video as the output on HDMI OUT is Select [Handwriting Extraction] for [Camera 1] streamed to a streaming service via LAN cable. Set from [Applications]. Do not select the application [HDMI OUT1] or [HDMI OUT 2] in [Streaming for [Camera 2].
  • Page 31 Configure the following settings. Overlap mode Select whether to superimpose an image of the person in the output over the writing when extracting the handwriting. You can change the overlap mode using the [Show Person] checkbox. When the checkbox is cleared, only the handwriting is extracted.
  • Page 32 Set the number of boards. the output range with the extraction range in the center. This setting is enabled when the overlap mode is set to [Show Person]. Set the extraction field of view. Select the output display result. When used together with PTZ Auto Tracking, only [Full View] can be selected.
  • Page 33: Running The Handwriting Extraction Application

    [Crop at Center of Board] [Variable View]: Can be selected when [No. of When the output field of view is set to [Cropped Boards(Vertical)] is set to 2. This mainly outputs View], insert a check mark in [Crop at Center of a wide angle view image, but also zooms and Board] so that the cropped image is centered at the crops the position where the person is located...
  • Page 34 You can check the video that is output using the Notes preview image while the application is running. • Extraction may not start immediately after starting the Snapshot button application due to extraction preprocessing. • When running, you can change the overlap mode and person’s transparency.
  • Page 35: Ptz Auto Tracking Application

    When running the PTZ Auto Tracking PTZ Auto Tracking application standalone: Select [PTZ Auto Tracking] for [Camera 1] from Application [Applications]. Do not select the application for [Camera 2]. The camera and video output device connection is shown below. This application tracks a moving target, and automatically moves a remote camera to maintain optimum compositing while shooting.
  • Page 36: Configuring The Ptz Auto Tracking Application

    When using the RTMP streaming function: Camera PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) operation The same video as the output on HDMI OUT is You can control the PTZ movement of the camera streamed to a streaming service via LAN cable. Set on each of the following setup screens.
  • Page 37 Configure the following settings. • The horizontal offset distance is 0 when the remote camera forward direction (0° pan angle direction) is parallel to the perpendicular line from the blackboard or screen (directly opposite). • When the tracking mode is set to [Free Object Pan Tracking], the unit automatically controls the zoom position of the remote camera and determines the field of view in the zoom...
  • Page 38 Configure the following settings. Tracking tally lamp Enabled when a camera equipped with a tally lamp is connected. Insert a check mark to turn on the tally lamp of the tracking camera. Detection area Move the four blue circles displayed on the preview screen to mark the detection area for tracking within the home position.
  • Page 39: Running The Ptz Auto Tracking Application

    When finished, click the [Next] button. Note It is recommended that you set the camera view for Configure the following settings. the recovery position to a slightly wider view than the home position, but re-detection and tracking may not start correctly depending on the configured position.
  • Page 40 Click the [Run] button. [Tap on Target Face]: In this state, you can select The run screen appears. the face frame of a person to be tracked You can check the video that is output using the manually. Select a face frame. preview image while the application is running.
  • Page 41: Close-Up By Gesture Application

    Configuring the Close-up by Close-up by Gesture Gesture application Application Select [Close-up by Gesture] for [Camera 1] from [Applications]. This application interprets specific gestures of people in the video, and automatically zooms in on the Click the [Setup] button. corresponding area. You can display two images (a wide The setup screen appears.
  • Page 42: Running The Close-Up By Gesture Application

    Set the maximum and minimum sizes for • The close-up operation may not function correctly detection. depending on the density of people in the detection area, the size of the person, and the attire of the person. • The resolution of the close-up output image may be reduced depending on the resolution of the input image from the camera and the close-up zoom magnification.
  • Page 43: Chroma Key-Less Cg Overlay Application

    Check that the following preparations are in Chroma key-less CG place. Overlay Application Shooting environment During shooting, keep the lighting constant so that the shooting environment does not change, and mount the camera securely. This application allows you to overlay CG effects in The image from the HDMI IN 1 connector camera real-time without using a dedicated studio.
  • Page 44: Configuring The Chroma Key-Less Cg Overlay Application

    To display the image that is input on the Tips HDMI IN 2 connector in P-in-P mode, place a • Check the position and configuration of the camera check mark in [Include Presentation connected to the HDMI IN 1 connector beforehand so (Input 2)].
  • Page 45: Running The Chroma Key-Less Cg Overlay Application

    When finished, click the [Next] button. Tips The following setup screen appears. • Only one foreground image can be stored on the unit. To change the foreground image, click the [Browse] button and select the image file to be registered as the foreground image on the displayed screen.
  • Page 46: Real-Time Cropping Application

    preview screen only. The composite image is Real-time Cropping output on the HDMI OUT 1 and HDMI OUT 2 connectors. Application [Refresh Background] button: Refreshes the background information. Execute if needed when something other than the target person is extracted. When executing, make sure that no This application simultaneously displays a wide-angle people appear in the camera image.
  • Page 47: Configuring The Real-Time Cropping Application

    When finished, click the [Next] button. Configuring the Real-time Cropping application Configure the [Area 1] and [Area 2] settings. If the crop functions selected in [Area 1] and [Area 2] are the same, the settings for one area are Select [Real-time Cropping] for [Camera 1] applied to both areas.
  • Page 48: Running The Real-Time Cropping Application

    Move the four gray circles displayed on the preview Delay Time screen, as required, to adjust the height to Set the wait time from when the person being effectively narrow the detection area during tracked is no longer visible until tracking is deemed tracking.
  • Page 49: Registering A Face In The Face Database

    [Tap on Target Face]: In this state, you can select the face frame of a person to be tracked manually. Select a face frame. [Tracking]: Person was detected and is being tracked. [Target Lost]: Person being tracked is no longer visible and tracking has been lost.
  • Page 50: Editing The Face Database

    [Capture] Trash icon Click the [Capture] button when person whose face you Click the trash icon, turning it blue, to select that face for want to register is facing the front. The screen display deletion. All faces showing a blue trash icon are deleted becomes a still image display, and frames are displayed when the [OK] button at the bottom right of the screen on the detected faces.
  • Page 51: Appendix

    Appendix Message List The following messages may appear on the unit. Perform the following as necessary. LED indicators Meaning and solution STATUS LED is red The unit is not connected to the network. Check the network cable connection. STATUS LED is flashing red A problem, such as high temperature, occurred in the unit.
  • Page 52 Message Meaning and solution The size of the foreground data is not The data size or number of pixels of the uploaded foreground data is too small or compatible. Please change the size and upload too large. Change the data size and then upload again. again.
  • Page 53: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Before requesting service, check the following as a guide to troubleshooting the problem. If the problem persists, consult your Sony dealer. Symptom Cause Solution The unit does not turn on. The AC adapter is not firmly connected to the Insert the power cord firmly as far as it will go.
  • Page 54: Supported Cameras And Available Camera Functions

    Supported Cameras and Available Camera Functions a: Supported, –: Not supported Model name Pan, tilt, zoom Exposure, white balance Tally lamp BRC-X1000 BRC-H800 BRC-H780 BRC-X400 BRC-X401 SRG-X400 – SRG-201M2 – SRG-X402 – SRG-X120 – SRG-HD1M2 – SRG-360SHE SRG-280SHE SRG-300SE – SRG-301SE –...
  • Page 55 1920×1080/59.94p The source code is provided on the internet. Use the 1920×1080/50p following URL and follow the download instructions. Video output signal We would prefer that you do not contact us about the contents of the source code. HDMI OUT 1 connector 3840×2160/29.97p...
  • Page 56 General External dimensions See “External dimensions” (page 56). Input voltage 12 V DC (Use an AC adapter (not Mass Approx. 860 g (1 lb 14 oz) supplied)) Power consumption Design and specifications are subject to change without 40 W with 12 V DC input notice.
  • Page 57 Sony Corporation...

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