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Yamaha DSP-AZ1 Owner's Manual: Cinema Eq

Yamaha av amplifier owner's manual.
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Use this feature to match the tonal quality of four groups of speakers: the main and center speaker group, the front effect speakers group, the
rear speakers group, and the rear center speaker group. CINEMA-EQ consists of a high-shelving equalizer (HIGH) and a parametric
equalizer (PEQ). The high-shelving equalizer changes high frequency characteristics, and the parametric equalizer boosts or cuts any selected
frequency. The equalizer can be used for a variety of purposes, such as adjusting the tonal quality of differing types of speakers, adjusting the
tonal quality in different installation environments, or adjusting the source sound to your liking.
I 6A L, C, R EQ (main L/center/main R equalizer)
Use this feature to adjust the tonal quality of the main L/R and center channels.
Press /
repeatedly to select one of the speaker groups and press +/–
to select "ON".
Press /
several times to display the setting screen for the channel to
be set.
There are 4 groups (6A – 6D) to be set.
• If "OFF" is selected in step 1, the setting screen for that group will not be dis-
Press /
to select the item to be adjusted.
Select one item at each time from "FRQ"/"GAIN" for "HIGH" and "FRQ"/"GAIN"
for "PEQ".
Adjust the value for the item by pressing +/–.
"FRQ" (frequency) for "HIGH" is to set the turn over frequency and "PEQ" for the
band central frequency. The amplification increases for higher "GAIN" value while
the attenuation increases for lower "GAIN" value.
• When any change has been made on the initial setting, * (asterisk) will be placed in front
of its parameter name.
• CINEMA-EQ does not work when you press STEREO/EFFECT to turn off the effect.
• While "TEST DOLBY SUR." or "TEST DSP" is being activated, the test tones are
output as described below.
1 6A L,C,R EQ: The test tones are output from the main L/R and center channels.
(When "1A CENTER SP" is set to "NONE", the test tones are output from the
main L/R only.)
2 6B FRNT EFCT EQ: The test tones are output from the front effect channels.
3 6C REAR L/R EQ: The test tones are output from the rear L/R channels.
4 6D REAR CT EQ: The test tones are output from the rear center channels.
Control range:
1.0 kHz – 12.7 kHz (HIGH: FRQ, PEQ: FRQ),
–9 dB – +6 dB (HIGH: GAIN, PEQ: GAIN)
Initial setting:
12.7 kHz (HIGH: FRQ, PEQ: FRQ), –3 dB (HIGH: GAIN),
–4 dB (PEQ: GAIN)


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