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Yamaha DSP-AZ1 Owner's Manual: Speaker Placement

Yamaha av amplifier owner's manual.
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Refer to the following diagram when you place the speakers.
• Use magnetically shielded speakers. If this type of speakers still creates the interference with a monitor, place the speakers away from the
I Placing the main speakers
TV or video
I Placing the center speaker
TV or video
Center speaker
I Placing the front effect, rear and rear center speakers
0.5 - 1m 1.5 - 3m
(1 - 3ft) (5 - 15ft)
This distance can be farther than the front
effect speakers'.
I When you use a projection screen


Place the left and right main speakers an equal distance from the main listening position.
If you have a TV or video monitor in your system, the distance of each speaker from each
side of the TV or video monitor should be the same.
If you have a TV or video monitor in your system, align the front face of the center
speaker with the front face of the monitor. Place the speaker as close to the monitor as
possible, such as directly over or under the monitor. If you place the speaker under the
monitor, the front effect speakers can adjust the height of the sound to correspond with the
action on the screen (depending on the listener's position). If you have a projection screen
in your system, place the center speaker under the screen. Be sure to align the speaker
with the center of the screen.
These speakers should be placed about 0.5 – 1 m (1 – 3 feet) outside the main speakers
0.5 - 1m 1m
and in the front of the room. They should be turned toward the main listening position.
(1 - 3ft) (3ft)
Place the rear speakers in the back of the room so they face the main listening position.
The rear speakers can be placed farther apart than the front effect speakers. Place these
speakers at the height of 1.5 m when listening as sitting on the floor or 1.8 m when
listening as sitting on the chair.
Once you begin listening to programs, continue to adjust the speaker placement until you
obtain a balanced sound from the main speakers and the front effect and rear speakers.
Place the speakers as shown in the illustration.
The main speakers should be placed about one-quarter of the way up from the bottom of
the screen.
Place the center speaker in the center and directly under the screen. The center speaker
provides precise dialogue localization.
When you use a projection screen with your system, the front effect speakers provide
better effect quality. The CINEMA-DSP sound field programs (see pages 90 to 94) raise
the sound from the center speaker upward and provide natural sound corresponding with
the video images.


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