External Strobe & Sensor; Power Requirements; Power Supply Wiring - Siemens SIMATIC HawkEye 1600T Series Manual

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System Components
External Strobe & Sensor
For continuous motion or high-speed indexing applications, an external strobe
and sensor may be required to freeze each part before the image can be acquired.
When choosing your part sensor, you must consider the time interval between the
part passing into the sensing zone and an electrical signal being generated. When
there is a large variation in process speed, considerable variation in location of
the part within the Field of View (FOV) may result. The FOV specified for the
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T should be large enough to cover the variation in

Power Requirements

Refer to Table 2–6 when determining the power supply requirements for your
Smart Camera Vision System.
TABLE 2–6.
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1610T

Power Supply Wiring

For complete information about the power supply wiring, see "Power & Primary
I/O Connector" on page A-2, and "HETPC-100 - Power & Primary I/O Cable"
on page B-2.
Smart Camera Vision System Power Requirements
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Camera Guide
24 volts @ 350ma typical
Rev. 1E, Nov 2007


Table of Contents

Table of Contents