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CE Compliance

The SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T has been certified to conform to the
requirements of council Directives 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC and to comply
with the following European Standards:
EN61326:1997/A1:1998/A2:2001/A3:2003 Class A
This is a Class A product, operation of this equipment in a residential area is
likely to cause harmful interference, in which case the user will be required to
correct the interference at his or her own expense.
All our products bearing the CE mark have been declared to be in conformance
with the applicable EEC Council Directives. However, certain factory installed
options or customer requested modifications may compromise electromagnetic
compatibility and prohibit use of the CE mark. Please note that the use of
interconnect cables that are not properly grounded and shielded may affect CE
A copy of the Certificate of Conformity is available on the Service and Support
website (see previous page).
Rev. 1E, Nov 2007
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SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Camera Guide


Table of Contents

Table of Contents