Triggering Rules For Single Channel Devices - Siemens SIMATIC HawkEye 1600T Series Manual

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Triggering Rules for Single Channel Devices

The SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T has a single acquisition channel. When a Job
is constructed, only one Acquire can run at a time. Table 1–3 summarizes the
recommended cases. Note that SIMATIC Visionscape® enforces this condition
by honoring the first Acquire requested and generating an overrun on any other
Acquire that are requested to run from the external controlling device (usually, an
external trigger or a PLC).
TABLE 1–3.
Job Structure
1 Inspection/
Multiple Snapshots
1 Inspection/
Multiple Snapshots
N (max 4) inspections/
1 Snapshot Each
Triggering Rules
Snapshot Triggers
1st triggered only or
No triggers
All triggered
All triggered/Each on a
separate trigger
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Camera Guide
Behavior and Comments
Function without overruns, no
further action from external
controlling device.
1st triggered externally, remaining
self triggered from PicDone signal
of previous Acquire.
Works as expected in external
controlling device makes sure that
one Inspection is triggered at a
Rev. 1E, Nov 2007


Table of Contents

Table of Contents