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Power-on Sequence

Each stage of the power-on sequence drives the LEDs in a binary up-count
fashion according to Table 2–5. The LEDs illuminate before the test is executed
and remain in that pattern until the next test is run or an error condition is
detected and displayed.

Error Codes

In the event of an error being detected, the beeper beeps five times and an error
code (in binary form) representing the test that failed flashes on the LEDs. The
LEDs continue to flash until the QuicSet® button is pressed, at which point an
error message is logged to the serial port and the Diagnostic Monitor is launched.
Table 2–5 describes the Mode/Status LED power-on sequence and error codes.
TABLE 2–5.
Rev. 1E, Nov 2007
Mode/Status LED Power-On Sequence & Error Codes
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Camera Guide
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T
Test Performed
Data Line Test
Address Line Test
Bootloader CRC Check
Kernel CRC Check
RS-232 Internal Loopback
FPGA Load Test
FPGA PCI Config Test
FPGA Video Buffer Test
FPGA DMA Transfer Test
FPGA Expose Done Interrupt Test
FPGA Read Done Interrupt Test


Table of Contents

Table of Contents