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Product Summary

The SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T, one of our SIMATIC HawkEye™ family of
networked smart cameras, combines a rugged IP67 smart camera form-factor
with the broad applicability, flexibility, and proven vision toolkit of SIMATIC
Visionscape®, and our line of high performance vision boards. Designed for use
in a broad range of vision applications, the SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T
provides a cost effective, easily deployed solution for manufacturers to monitor
quality, control processes, or identify and trace parts on their production lines.
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Cameras are configured as flexible, general-
purpose smart cameras with C-mount optics and separate lighting. Like all other
SIMATIC HawkEye™ Smart Cameras, the 1600T comes standard with built-in
digital I/O, serial communications, and Ethernet networking. All vision
processing is done on-board using a high performance, embedded CPU. A real-
time, multitasking operating system ensures deterministic performance and
facilitates integration in high-speed manufacturing lines.
The SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T offers an extensive array of built-in vision
processing tools, including Data Matrix and bar code reading, optical character
recognition (OCR), image processing, image analysis and feature extraction,
flaw detection, object location, calibrated dimensional measurements, and
various custom processing options. Developed and perfected on prior generations
of our machine vision systems, these tools have already been successfully
applied in thousands of production installations worldwide.
Setup of a new vision application to run on the camera is done on a host PC on
the same network using the same powerful graphical application environment as
the rest of the SIMATIC Visionscape® line. Our patented SIMATIC
Visionscape® step program architecture allows running the same vision
application program on any SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T vision Smart Camera
or any SIMATIC Visionscape® vision board, leveraging the end-user's
investment in application development and training.
Scaleability and compatibility with the rest of the SIMATIC Visionscape®
family set the SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T apart from other smart cameras in
the market today. The same point-and-click environment can be used to
configure applications deployed on smart cameras and framegrabbers.
SIMATIC HawkEye™ 1600T Smart Camera Guide
Rev. 1E, Nov 2007


Table of Contents

Table of Contents