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Maintenance And Cleaning - Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual

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Use and Care guide

Maintenance and Cleaning

To clean the washing machine exterior, use a
damp cloth, avoiding abrasives, alcohol and/or
solvents. To maintain a good wash performance we
recommend that the soap drawer and pump filters
are regularly cleaned. A monthly service wash,
using a proprietary cleaner is also recommended.
Drawer cleaning
• We recommend you clean the drawer to avoid
accumulating detergent and additive residue.
• To do this, extract the drawer using slight force,
clean it with running water and reinsert it in its
• Ensure the siphon cap is correctly refitted.
Filter cleaning
• The washing machine comes with a special filter
able to trap large residue, such as buttons or
coins, which could clog the drain.
• Only available on certain models: pull out the
corrugated hose, remove the stopper and drain
the water into a container.
• Ensure all the water has been emptied from the
• Before unscrewing the filter, we recommend you
place an absorbent cloth under it to keep the
floor dry. A small amount of water will come out
of the filter as you remove it - this is normal.
• Turn the filter counter-clockwise to the limit stop.
• Remove and clean the filter; when finished,
replace it turning it clockwise. The filter handle
will be locked when it is not possible to turn any
further and the handle is horizontal. Smearing a
small amount of liquid soap on the filter seal will
help refitting.
• Repeat the previous steps in reverse order to
reassemble all parts.
Suggestions for moves or prolonged disuse
• Should the washing machine be stored in an
unheated room for a long period of time, drain
all water from tubes.
• Unplug the washing machine.
• Detach the tube from the drainage system and
clip on the rear of the machine and lower it, fully
draining water into a bowl.
• Secure the drain tube with the drainage system
and clip on the rear of the machine when
• Keep the door glass and gasket clean.



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