Whirlpool WWPU75210 Instructions For Use Manual page 5

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Product Safety Rules
never stop a washer dryer before
the end of the drying cycle
unless all items are quickly
removed and spread out so that
the heat is dissipated.
• This washer dryer must not be
supplied through an external
switching device, such as a
timer, or connected to a circuit
that is regularly switched on
and off by a utility.
• This washer dryer is not intended
to be operated by separate
remote-control system.
Correct Use
After installation, the appliance
must be positioned so that the
plug is accessible.
• The appliance must not be
installed behind a lockable
door, a sliding door or a door
with a hinge on the opposite
side to that of the washer dryer,
in such way that a full opening
of the washer dryer door is
• The maximum load capacity
of dry clothes depends on the
model used (see control panel).
• The appliance is not to be used
if industrial chemicals have
been used for cleaning.
• Do not dry unwashed items in
the washer dryer.
• Items that have been soiled
with substances such as cooking
oil, acetone, alcohol, petrol,
kerosene, spot removers,
turpentine, waxes and wax
removers should be washed in
hot water with an extra amount
of detergent before being dried
in the washer dryer.
• Items such as foam rubber
(latex foam), shower caps,
waterproof textiles, rubber
backed articles and clothes
or pillows fitted with foam
rubber pads should not be
dried in the washer dryer.
• Fabric softeners, or similar
products, should be used
as specified by the fabric
softener instructions.
• Oil-affected items can ignite
spontaneously, especially when
exposed to heat sources such
as a washer dryer. The items
become warm, causing an
oxidation reaction in the oil,
Oxidation creates heat. If the
heat cannot escape, items
can become hot enough to
catch fire. Piling, stacking or
storing oil- effected items can
prevent heat from escaping
and so create a fire hazard.
• If it is unavoidable that
or cooking oil or have been
contaminated by hair care
products be placed in a
washer dryer they should first
be washed in hot water with
extra detergent - this will
reduce, but not eliminate, the
• Remove
pockets such as lighters and
• To co n s u l t t h e p ro d u c t
technical specification please
refer to the manufacturer
Safety instructions
• Before cleaning or maintaining
the washing machine, unplug
the appliance and turn off the
water tap.
• Make sure the electrical system
is ear thed. Other wise, seek
qualified professional assistance.
• Please do not use converters,
multiple sockets or extension
water may reach very high
temperatures during the wash
• Make sure there is no water in
the drum before opening
the door.
• Do not pull on the power cord
or appliance to unplug the
• Do not expose the washing
machine to rain, direct sunlight
or other weather elements.
Protect from possible freezing.
• When moving, do not lift
the washing machine by the
knobs or detergent drawer;
during transport, never rest
the door on the trolley. We
recommend two people lift
the washing machine.
• In the event of fault and/
or malfunction, turn off the
washing machine, close the
water tap and do not tamper
with the appliance.
I m m e d i ate l y co nt a c t t h e
Customer Service Centre and
only use original spare parts.
Fa i l u re to o b s e r ve t h e s e
instruction may jeopardise
appliance safety.



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